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José Oquendo Reyes
Died 14 September 2011
Pueblo Nuevo, Peru
Residence Chincha, Peru
Employer Radio Alas Peruanas & BTV Canal 45
Spouse(s) Marina Juárez

José Oquendo Reyes (born - 14 September 2011) was a Peruvian journalist who was murdered in Pueblo Nuevo, Peru, not far from his home in Chincha. There has been speculation that Jose's murder is in relation to his recent exposure of political corruption.


  • Married to fellow journalist, Marina Juarez


  • Producer and host of program "Without Borders" on BTV Canal 45
  • Known for investigative work


Chincha Alta is located in Peru
Chincha Alta
Chincha Alta
Chincha Alta is located in Peru and shown here relative to the capital Lima.

José Oquendo Reyes, who is the host of the radio and TV show "Sin Fronteras", was murdered near Pueblo Nuevo from gunfire that was said to originate from two unknown men who were riding on a motorcycle. The local authorities investigated the involvement of two men days after the murder and made an arrest 10 days after his murder.[1][2] While other reporters in Peru had recently received death threats before Oquendo Reyes' murder, his wife, who is the journalist Marina Juárez, was not aware of any threats to her husband.[3]


After Reyes death, there were numerous concerns in regards to the recent rise in violence against journalists in Peru. As stated in UN[4] , UNESCO Director General, Irina Bokova feels that is important that these authorities do not let these crimes go unpunished. Especially because fear and insecurity prevent journalists from providing society necessary information.

UNESCO ... [5]

IAPA ... [6]

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