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Airliner Accidents: The Key Lessons
Formatting templates 
CSS classes used in Wikipedia 
Wikipedia:Catalogue of CSS classes
Wikipedia templates 
Category:Wikipedia templates
Aligning years within "History of" sidebars
|headingN = ......
|dataN =
  |bodystyle={{infobox subbox bodystyle}}
  |label1= |data1=
  |label2= |data2=
#if, #ifexist, etc
Help:Magic words
Color names 
Web colors#X11 color names
Closing a Requested move 
Horizontal list 
{{hlist |...}}
Hlist as groupname 
|groupN = {{hlist |...}}
Protected-edit requests 
Category:Wikipedia protected edit requests
Templates in text 
  • {{tl}}
  • {{tlc}} (unlinked)
  • {{tlx}} (with parameters)
Parameters in text 


  • Replace <big> with {{big}} (especially Arabic phrases).


Update template name at pages linked[edit]

Check if template on pages linked[edit]

Frietjes tip[edit]

  • fixed it. there was an unclosed comment in the code. I found it by copying the template to the sandbox, and replacing all "{#" with "{safesubst:#", then looking at the preview of a substituted version, which showed the problem pretty clearly. my other method of debugging is to just start substituting the template in one of my own personal sandboxes until I see the problem. I use a regexp search/replace javascript tool for automating the "replace all" stuff.

Editing habits[edit]

  • Removing underscores from filenames (to aid linewrapping)
  • Headings
== Main heading within article ==
{{main|...}}  <!--{{main/seealso/futher}}s first-->
[[File:...]]  <!--then images-->
              <!--then single blankline-->
Article text continues...
===Subheading=== / ====Subsubheading====
{{main|...}}  <!--as above,-->
[[File:...]]  <!--except no blankline-->
Article text continues without blank line above...
  • {{vlist}} for lists presented as a column (without bullets).
  • {{hlist}} for lists presented as strings (separated by dots).
  • {{small}} rather than <small>.