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Welcome to my user page! If you want to contact me, feel free to post to my talk page or to send me email.

Professionally I am a software engineer, having graduated in 1985 from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science. I moved to California shortly after I graduated and have worked for the same Silicon Valley company ever since, and currently reside in the Santa Cruz Mountains. But I grew up in New Jersey and frankly still feel at times as if I live in a foreign country.

However, I make most of my edits to articles on religion, primarily those related to Eastern Orthodoxy. I am a subdeacon of The Orthodox Church in America in the Diocese of the West under the omophorion of Bishop Benjamin of San Francisco. I don't confine my edits to Orthodox topics though, and also contribute to historical articles or those on any other subject in which I have taken an interest over the years. I pretty much never edit articles related to my professional work.

I've started a few articles here on Wikipedia (I suppose my favorite is John of Shanghai and San Francisco, on the saint who saved the life of my older son) but there are a few others as well as some I have edited heavily and where the present content is largely mine, but I'm not particularly interested in maintaining a brag list here. I am insufficiently energetic to have ever taken the trouble to drag an article to featured article status, and I doubt I ever will.