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Differential Geometry[edit]

Riemannian geometry
Theorema Egregium
Parallel transport
Metric (mathematics)
Pseudometric space
Metric tensor
Christoffel symbols
Covariance and contravariance of vectors
Covariant derivative
Curvature form
Gaussian curvature
Curvature of Riemannian manifolds
Riemann curvature tensor
Scalar curvature
Tetrad (index notation)
Weyl tensor
Ricci decomposition
Connection form
Affine connection
Levi-Civita connection
Cartan connection
Cartan formalism (physics)
Ricci curvature
Ricci flow
Tensor density
Exterior algebra
Frame bundle
Principal bundle
Vector bundle
Tangent bundle
Cotangent bundle
Dual bundle
Cotangent space
Hairy ball theorem
Jet bundle
Jet (mathematics)
Connection (vector bundle)
Pushforward (differential)
Connection (principal bundle)
Ehresmann connection
Differential geometry