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Downtown Davenport, Iowa looking across the Mississippi River from Rock Island, Illinois.
Genesis West Hospital is one of the two hospitals in Davenport, the other is Genesis East
The Davenport City Hall was built in 1895, at the meager price of $100,000. (NRHP)
Palmer Chiropractic College is the first chiropractic school in the world in Davenport, Iowa
Some of the houses in the Prospect Park Historic District (NRHP)
One of Davenport's oldest neighborhoods, the Village of East Davenport is full of small specialty shops. The picture was taken from Lindsay Park, which was used as parade grounds for Civil War soldiers from Camp McClellan (NRHP)
One of the large houses in the upper middle class McClellan Heights neighborhood (NRHP)
Bix Beiderbecke's boyhood home in Davenport, Iowa (NRHP)
St. Ambrose University, established in 1882, it is the oldest of the three universities in Davenport.
Junge Park is situated along the Duck Creek bike path and includes baseball and softball fields, along with sand volleyball, and basketball courts.
View from Riverview Terrace Park overlooking Davenport, Iowa. Rock Island, Illinois can be seen at the top of the picture across the Mississippi River
Flooding in Davenport on April 30, 2008. The red line (at the top right) indicates where the Mississippi River should be. The picture was taken from the Skybridge.

Davenport as viewed from Credit Island across the Mississippi River
Bettendorf, Iowa's city hall, police station, and one of its fire departments.
Camanche, Iowa City Hall and Fire Department.
DeWitt, Iowa City Hall
Grand Mound, Iowa Fire Department.
Wheatland, Iowa Post Office.
Panoramic view of the Mississippi River from Eagle Point Park in Clinton, Iowa.
The castle at Eagle Point Park. Not sure if it had any previous purpose.
The Main building at the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home (Annie Wittenmyer Home) (NRHP)
The cottage style housing, at the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home, was credited with saving lives and preventing 350 children from being homeless in the three fires at the Home.
Graves of the orphans at the Oakdale Cemetery.
Monument to the orphans.
Germania-Miller/Standard Hotel or German American Heritage Center in Davenport
The Davenport Citibus headquarters on River Drive (U.S. Route 67).
The Blackhawk Hotel in Davenport (NRHP)
Phebe Sudlow's grave at Oakdale Cemetery in Davenport.
Beiderbecke's grave at Oakdale Cemetery in Davenport, Iowa.
The graves of Joseph Bettendorf (left) and William P. Bettendorf the two brothers the city of Bettendorf, Iowa is named after.
The former Crescent Macaroni and Cracker Company, now luxury loft apartments in the Crescent Warehouse Historic District in Davenport
The Kahl Building and Capitol Theatre (NRHP) in Davenport
Inside the Davenport Skybridge, lit up at night
Bethel AME Church in Davenport (NRHP)
F.H. Miller House in Davenport (NRHP)
First Baptist Church in Davenport (NRHP)
St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Davenport (NRHP)
St. John's United Methodist Church in Davenport (NRHP)
St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Davenport (NRHP)
Adair, Iowa City Hall
Hotel Randolph (NRHP) in Des Moines
Iowa Highway 165 located in Carter Lake, Iowa, is, at 0.41 miles, the shortest state highway in Iowa
Lucas State Office Building in Des Moines houses the office of the Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Auditor
Government Bridge connecting Davenport to the Rock Island Arsenal
First Bible Missionary Church (NRHP) in Davenport
Buffalo, Iowa Fire Department
Dillon Memorial (NRHP) commemorating John Forrest Dillon in Davenport
Union Savings Bank and Trust or the Union Arcade (NRHP) in Davenport
Philip Worley House in Davenport
The "truck eating bridge" on U.S. Route 61 south (Harrison Street) in Davenport
Pierce School No. 13 (NRHP) in Davenport
In between the two bridges of I-74
Gateway Bridge over the Mississippi River between Clinton, Iowa and Fulton, Illinois
different view
Deere & Company World Headquarters in Moline, Illinois
Central Fire Station (NRHP) in Davenport
Forrest Block (NRHP) in Davenport
Nicholas J. Kuhnen House (NRHP) in Davenport