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This is a list of things that I think would be really funny, but respect for the Wikipedia community and the Wikipedia itself prevents me from actually making these changes. Like I said, I'm here to help, not to screw things up. So, I'm putting it here instead of committing vandalism. If any of these things actually start happening, please check the IP/username of the user committing the changes before yelling at me.

Again, I thought they'd be really funny. I don't expect you to. Hell, I expect you to find them rather juvenile and stupid. This is not BJAODN, this is for Stupid and possibly offensive JAODN, ala fortune -a. You have been warned.

If you think of anything else, add it in the Contrib section (and sign it). --Jack (Cuervo) 1 July 2005 05:47 (UTC)

One billionth user[edit]

Who is the one billionth user of Wikipedia? And why do we care?

More importantly, how do we get them to go away?

Generally stupid stuff[edit]

  • Change the French flag to all-white.
SWEET! I actually finally got to do this on Uncyclopedia.

Stuff that pwns[edit]

Stuff that sucks[edit]


Add whatever bad ideas you have here.