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Hobbies & Interests[edit]

In the early 1990's did I have only 2 hobbies.

The first one was Martial Arts, in particular Kobudo and Karate. I used to have training at least twice a week, but most of the time three times a week.

I had an injury that forced me to stop with my training in 1993. This caused to make my then second hobby to become my first and only one, which I will talk about in the next paragraph.

a.k.a Roy/SAC[edit]

I was active in the BBS Scene (BBS is short for Bulletin Board System. Specifically the Warez and Computer art scene. My Handle or Screen name (computing) was Roy. I used to run my own BBS from 1994 to 1997 called "Closed Society". The BBS Software used was PCBoard by Clark Development. I developed several Tools in the proprietary PCBoard Script Language called PPL or PPE (the compiled executable). All my PPE's including their source can be downloaded on my Private Roy/SAC Website. They were public domain when they got published and still are.

I also created a lot of Text Art called ASCII's (ASCII art) and ANSI's (ANSI art). I was together with a guy who called himself "Hetero" the Senior Founders of the Scene Art Group Superior Art Creations or simply SAC. Since my Text Art spread across the Globe and was used by dozens of Computer Groups (.nfo files and FILE_ID.DIZ) and BBS's, my Signature of those Art Work "Roy[SAC]" becaome practically my Nickname everybody got to know me. Simply "Roy" did not ring a Bell with most people (okay the Nick Name is not a real "power house" and unique Name). All my Art Work and also all SAC Art Packages can be dowloaded from my Personal Website (in it's original format). You can use it free if you want, but credit me at least if you do.

I am slowly and one by one uploading my art to It takes some time, because I upload the Art as Image (Screenshot) to make it more accessible. I have to create the screen shot plus a thumbnail. I also add some background information about the ASCII/ANSI or VGA. About the Artwork itself, but also the story surrounding it, as far I can remember details. Go ahead and visit my deviantArt Homepage. You will also find my latest artwork there.

The BBS thing and with it the Text Art died with the Wide Accessibility and use of the Internet. I also shifted my Focus and started to learn what made the internet tick, No Wonder that my Work and my Hobby today are practically the same thing. But as I mentioned already, I started creating some art again, thanks to the great support of the deviantART Artist Community.


When I am not doing something online (but sometimes do it parallel), I like to listen to a large variety of Music. My Favorite Band today is VNV Nation which is techno-style EBM (Electronic Body Music) which is a special form of Industrial music. Other favorite bands are Project Pitchfork, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, Die Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte. If I want to chill out and need some more quite music, I like to listen to Vangelis, Enya and Jean Michel Jarre.

Books and Reading[edit]

I am also a person that reads a lot. No, not only technical manuals.

I like to read semi-scientific books which are not as dry as a pure science book. I am interested in Astronmy, Physics, Society or Social Science and Ancient History.

Books from Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Lion Feuchtwanger, Erich von Däniken or Brian Greene

I also read a lot of Novels which are primarely (serious) Science Fiction or Fantasy

My Favorite Authors are Stanisław Lem, Gert Prokop, Rainer Fuhrmann, Marion Zimmer Bradley, George Orwell and William Gibson.

Private links[edit]

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