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D.W. Correll Museum[edit]

D.W. Correll Museum in Catoosa, OK.
D.W. Correll Museum in Catoosa, OK.

The D.W. Correll Museum is located on 19934 East Pine, Catoosa, Oklahoma. The museum was founded by late Catoosa resident, Delmar "D.W." Correll, and is now owned and operated by the City of Catoosa.



The D.W. Correll Museum consists of three major collections and a multitude of miscellaneous objects collected by Mr. Correll. The three major collections of the museum are as follows: rocks and minerals, antique automobiles and vintage bottles and decanters.

  • Rocks and Minerals
Thousands of rocks and minerals from all over the world.
  • Antique Automobiles
1898 Locomobile (steam engine)
1902 Oldsmobile Run About
1906 Cadillac
1914 Dodge Touring Car
1914 Oldsmobile
1917 Twin 6 Packard
1919 Franklin
1927 Stutz 8
1930 Model A Ford Convertible
1944 Ford 4-door
1948 Dodge Coupe
  • Bottles and Decanters
The Bottle and Decanter collection includes personal items of Mr. Correll as well as donated items. The greater part of the collection is whiskey bottles and decanters.


1917 Twin 6 Packard
Rocks and Minerals

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