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ANFOL Promo Photo Munich October 2013.png
Carlos Eduardo Alarcon (left), Karl Schaier (2nd from left), Florian Heinz (center), Marius Bernhardt (2nd from right), Benno Bernhardt (right) Munich, October 2013. Photographer: Tim Horne
Background information
Origin Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Genres Pop, Punk, College-Rock
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, drums
Years active 2012-present
Labels Unsigned/Independent
Members Carlos Eduardo Alarcon
Karl Schaier
Florian Heinz
Marius Bernhardt
Benno Bernhardt

ANFOL is a German punk rock from Munich, Bavaria. The band was formed as an open music project named "A New Form Of Life" in December 2012 by drummer Karl Schaier, and Financier and Manager Sandro A. Lemmen. Their intention was to experiment with developing a new band in the space by relying upon social media, where the fans and public could participate in and experience the band's development. And, within three months, without having released any recordings, ANFOL's A New Form Of Life received thousands of Likes on Facebook.

The band is unsigned.


According to Lemmen, in a text interview by this author conducted on 25 November '13, the band's influences are the punk movement, with Flo in particular, and the punk movement's later generations such as Nirvana and The Offspring; with some aggressive influences from Metallica and Pop influences including Dave Hause.


In August 2013 ANFOL recorded their first EP named A New Form Of Life at La Villa – Creative Studios, Côte d’Azur. The EP was produced by Damien Morvan, and financed by Sandro A. Lemmen.


Current members
  • Karl Schaier - drums, co-founder (2012-present)
  • Marius Maximilian Bernhardt - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2013-present)
  • Florian Heinz, lead vocals - rhythm guitar (2013-present)
  • Carlos Eduardo Alarcon - lead guitar (2013-present)
  • Benno Bernhardt, bass - backing vocals (2013-present


Musical styles ANFOL has been described as various genres, including pop, punk, rock, college-rock.


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