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AI: Research Information[edit]

General AI
Outline of artificial intelligence
Applications of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Strong AI
Learning in Robotics and AI
Supervised learning
Unsupervised learning
Reinforcement learning
Machine learning
List of machine learning algorithms
Ensemble learning
Supervised Learning in Robotics and AI
Artificial neural network
Evolutionary algorithm
Genetic algorithm
Genetic programming
Learning classifier system
Gene expression programming
Support vector machine
Unsupervised Learning in Robotics and AI
Cluster analysis
Blind signal separation
K-means clustering
Hierarchical clustering
Mixture model
Feature extraction
Dimensionality reduction
Reinforcement Learning in Robotics and AI
Temporal difference learning
Behavior-based robotics
Cognitive robotics
Developmental robotics
Evolutionary robotics
Humanoid robot
Space probe
Robotics Localization
Robotic mapping
Motion planning
Simultaneous localization and mapping
Monte Carlo localization
Robotics Filtering
Filtering problem (stochastic processes)
Recursive Bayesian estimation
Generalized filtering
Kalman filter
Fast Kalman filter
Ensemble Kalman filter
Extended Kalman filter
Schmidt–Kalman filter
Invariant extended Kalman filter
Particle filter
Graph Theory in Robotics and AI
Pebble motion problems
Statistics in Robotics and AI
Bayesian inference
Variational Bayesian methods
Variational message passing
Markov model
Hidden Markov model
Kinodynamic planning
Parametric statistics
Non-parametric statistics
Other Mathematics in Robotics and AI
Mountain climbing problem