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About the person

Performer Recording Artist International Entertainer Songwriter [P.R.A.I.S.E.]

Owner: Terry James Boling

International Recording Artist, Author, Filmmaker, and Mainframe Computer Systems Lead Architect Research & Development Design Engineer Hardware & Software

Field of Research: Electrophysics

Schools and Universities:

Imperial College, London Silicon Valley East, Tredyffrin Twp, Paoli, Pennsylvania, J. Presper Eckert & John Mauchly University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia/Paoli Silicon Valley East Physics, University of Pennsylvania, Dave Hartley, Mentorship Temple University, Philadelphia Temple Univeristy, London Drexel University, Philadelphia Community College, Philadelphia AT&T, GTE, ITT, Federal & Special Systems Group General Telephone & Electronics School, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania [Sylvania] South Philadelphia High School, Star College Preparatory course track, South Philadelphia Italic Special Collaborations: Various, Oak Ridge, Palo Alto, Los Alamos, Philadelphia Italic et ux

Designs, Copyrights & Patents

B1 Amplifiers, B.E.E. Mixers, Optical Electronics including Optical & Laser Computer Architecture, Prismatic Logic Design, Relocate Code, Matrix Networking, various [MEDDAC] Monitor Editor Decompiler Disassembler Assembler Compiler software and hardware, [BOSS] B. Operating System Software, Project MAPPIN [Manhattan Address Point to Point Instructional Network] presently known as Global Positioning Systems [GPS]

Company Founding & Ownerships

Starr Records, Go Records, BRA Pub, CyberSongs Productions, CyberSongs Publishing, Diamond Club Films, B.E.E. Company [B. Entertainment & Electronics], BEEWAH Group [B.E.E. Worldwide Artists Harrad], Internet Distributors [ID], World Wide Web Distributors, Network Software,


Philadelphia Engineers Club, Phildelphia Poets Society, Survivor List, ASCAP,

{to be updated and continued}