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About this user[edit]

Wikipedia History[edit]

  • has been a member since 2003 or earlier, first account was Nezumi in Japanese Kanji

Academic History[edit]

  • B.S. Neuroscience
  • specializes in neurobiology with a sub-speciality in the neurobiology of cognition
  • studies neuroscience, cognitive science, biology, and psychology.
  • studies philosophical schools of thought: transhumanism, cybernetics, and singularity.
  • member of many online communities that revolve around academics and research and development (R&D).

Other interests[edit]

  • Cyberman has scattered knowledge of security engineering
  • is a simple webmaster and graphic designer

Views of wikipedia[edit]

  • Hates what wikipedia has become: too much fascism and hypocrisy
  • does not like the new-wave of jerkish wikipedians
Example user: Sfan00_IMG
Problems with this user: Contributes only a destructive aspect to Wikipedia rather than a constructive aspect to Wikipedia. Lacks the ability to do anything for the website other than remove things. Does not bother being an editor or correcting things.
  • upholds the old ideas of wikipedia instead of the newfound capitalistic ideals due to media attention and monetary donations
  • is very wise, and doesn't waste time slamming and shutting down degenerates and capitalistic, egotist sophists
  • Was one of the first people pushing for more wikibooks as user Nezumi / Cyberman

Old information that wasn't edited or updated is below this line[edit]

Member Status[edit]

Cyberman is a Wikipedian who decided to help spread free information upon other life forms. They have most likely been a member since 2002-03 but can not remember due to faulty programming in its psycho-biological hardware.

Internet Status[edit]

Cyberman has been on the web since 1994 or earlier. It has seen the Internet change through the many years and loves the idea of wikipedia.

Places I can be Found on the Internet[edit]

Cyberman is a member of these forums but under different names:


Societal Status[edit]

Cyberman is an anarchist.

Cyberman believes we already live in a state of Anarchy; a world without rules, borders, or boundaries: A world where anything is possible. This is true if you believe the government really can't control you, that law enforcements are societal brainwashed groups of people who were brought into the christian biased norm of "good." Since this norm puts so many controls on scientific research, education, and technological advancement.

Cyberman has discovered over many years that Anarchy needs to be realized. It's not a state to become, it's a state that already is, a state people just haven't come to spiritual awareness to.

A Poem by Cyberman[edit]

It exists once you step outside the box

They keep you in the corner like a fox

For they are the hunter and the master

You don't understand or comprehend

The current situation you're in

They keep your mind in a bend

From their powers you must fend

Their power is you

And you are their pawn

From their point of view,

human resources are easily spawned.

They make you think they have control

When you vote for them you honor their role.

Why this has kept up for hundreds of years..

I do not know @_@?

"Oh, but the consequences!" one shouts

The crazy, the killers, and their bouts

When we lose faith and hope for others

When people start killing their mothers.

When others stop having doubts

Then we are in a round-about

Yet, there is a simple truth

Step inside this phone booth.

As I whisper in your ear,

Something true, but not so smooth.

We already live in a state of Anarchy

Can you not percieve it?

Where the ones with psychological control

The power to control the population as whole

Yet, they keep you in the dark stuffed in a hole

A democracy they say

A republic they say

A "system" they say.

There is no system

The only system is that there is no system

And that their system makes you think there is a system

A system is an idea.

A concept, imaginary at best.

I hope you can figure out the rest.

Just one last thing I thought I'd let you know

Just before I let you go..

They give me this piece of paper

As though it means something

In god we trust our savior

But paper is nothing.

Metallic items conduct at best

Birds like to put them in their nest

Monetary value known far and wide

In the animal kingdom we can't hide

For many, many years people searched for gold

Killed for it, died for it, looked for it being bold

A time of history can be told

I want you to question something, think about it well

If the government took your money, wouldn't that be swell?

They collected the gold and paid with paper...

For those who understand inflation, paper went to hell.

An interesting story I do tell.

They wish that one day the world will come to anarcho-communism.

Cyberman is a member of the [Nacirema] tribe which they believe, may die out soon because of lack of community help towards one another and the inability to comprehend alternative resources.

However the case, Cyberman is a hacker that can summon up resources from dumpster diving, salvaging, and manipulation of the things around them. They have the ability to connect to the Internet 24/7 when needed.

Cyberman could be said to be a person who could be put in any surrounded and succeed without fear or doubt in themself.


Cyberman believes in everything. There are no doubts to Cyberman because Cyberman knows there is no truth. That things are ever changing and that what may one's truth because of ethnocentrism, may be another's lie.

Anime's I've been meaning to watch[edit]

Supernatural Powers[edit]

Cyberman believes in supernatural beings. Cyberman could be said to be a psychopathic schizophrenic but would disregard such statements and laugh to them evily.

Cyberman's powers come from complex carbohydrates and the Earth's resources. Not only that, but Cyberman builds its supernatural powers from meditation, concentration, study, along with telekinesis practicing.

Although Cyberman was once a White Wizard, Cyberman has gone to a Gray/Dark wizard status because of hate towards human-kind's conforming ignorance and apathy in such a technological era.

Tastes in Women[edit]

Cyberman has many tastes, but he loves gothic women. Cyberman wishes they had a time machine to go back into the 90s and find a bunch of gothic chicks to find companionship with.

  • Cutters
  • Psychos
  • Anti-socials
  • Loners
  • Intellectuals
  • Sarcastic/Loving women.

Things to later read[edit]