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I, Me, Myself[edit]

Welcome to my User page, drop a meesage at the talk page using the button above, or at one of the sites I visit. I'm From Mumbai, India, and have studied in the following: Kc_college '06 and St. Mary's School, ICSE '04 -- Surya Sharma CyberoidX


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Thanks To[edit]

I wish to thank:

  1. User:Riana For her welcome, really lifted my spirits.
  2. User:Luna Santin For fixing my monobook.js, which had included itself in speedy :)
  3. User:Ral315 For Showing how selfless one can, and should be.
  4. User:Real96 For The awesome template that she has on her userpage, which i happily ripped. It was the fastest way to catchup on wikimarkup :P
  5. User:Cometstyles Helping with images licensing and copyright
  6. User:Xcentaur Some help with wikimarkup, signatures, etc.


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