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Who is He??? Cyborg2190 is a famous penguin, who is know well across the globe! if you use club penguin, you'll proberly reconise him, but if you don't, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? Hes been around for a couple of years but was only declared famous in April 2007 but his site has had little hits.

  Cyborg2190 is  a black penguin with a whole serise of looks, he will wear lots of diffret items which are normally old and not avalible, so other penguins know hes been around a while, He is a member on Club Penguin and hes been since he was one day old. (The Penguin not Cyborg's owner) He has got every item, but only put on a select few, and the same for his igloo, which is always decorated with the current theme using old and new stuff.
  Cyborg2190 is Irish and you can find him on the UK severs, His main sever is Sherbert. This is where he meets all his friends. If they're not famous or on Sherbert all you here form his is 'No thanks' 
  His Site, Cyborg2190 is famous for many reasons, He makes Videos movies, pics on CP but the main theing is his site. Cyborg2190 is on many sites but he always puts his site first. if you want to go the copy the link  

This site is always up to date, it beats all the american sites as we get up eariler so we can beat them hands down! So this si all i can be botherd to write now so bye. cyborg2190