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I'm pretty busy with life these days. I check back regularly, and still edit to some degree, but not as regularly as I used to. This is subject to change with life being a little more permitting. Thanks.

I may, from time to time, edit under a separate IP address:

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Cyclonenim is currently:
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About me[edit]

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I'm a medical student from Nottingham, United Kingdom. After studying biology, chemistry and physics at A level, I went on to study biomedical science. After that, I entered into a graduate-entry medical degree. I'm an agnostic atheist formerly raised as a Christian. In my little spare time outside of medicine, I enjoy music and photography. In the past I practiced parkour, but gave up when my knee gave way. I enjoy reading, but mostly books that no one else would enjoy...


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My main interest on Wikipedia is editing, specifically those relating to WikiProject Medicine (such as Transverse myelitis, which is the current collaboration of the week) and other related wikiprojects. Secondly, I enjoy participating in areas including but not limited to requests for adminship, articles for deletion and criteria for speedy deletion. Finally, I'm always up for helping to review an article or editor so just get in touch if you want me to have a look at you or your article!

I enjoy vandal fighting using the Twinkle and Vandal Fighter applications. I use AutoWikiBrowser to repair several articles at a time, too. I am one of 5,852 who have been given the rollback feature (verify), as well as one of the 149 with the ACC flag. Finally I am one of 3,824 with the autoreviewer flag. Given the chance, I patrol the new users section to give them a nice, friendly welcome. On that note, I'm also up for providing adoption too! I'm also the creator and maintainer of Neurology Task Force (a subset of WikiProject Medicine), despite it's somewhat inactivity lately. I've got a unified account which can be used on any of the Wikimedia sites.

Here are my milestone edits: 1st edit, 1000th edit, 2500th edit, 5000th edit.

My watchlist[edit]

If an article is listed here, it means I have in some way edited it and then added it to my watchlist. Please note I was not, for the most part, involved in getting these articles to their current class if they are FA or GA; however, I have helped in the promotion of some articles listed here. Enquire for more information :)

Key: Symbol stub class.svg Stubs Symbol start class.svg Start class Symbol c class.svg C class Symbol b class.svg B class Symbol support vote.png Good article Featured article star.svg Featured stuff Symbol unlikely.svg Miscellaneous

Featured article star.svg AIDS
Symbol b class.svg Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Symbol start class.svg Adie syndrome
Symbol b class.svg Alcohol and cancer
Symbol start class.svg Alcohol and cardiovascular disease
Symbol start class.svg Alcohol and weight
Symbol start class.svg Alcoholic hepatitis
Symbol start class.svg Alcoholic liver disease
Symbol b class.svg Alcoholism
Symbol start class.svg Alice in Wonderland syndrome
Symbol c class.svg Annual medical examination
Symbol b class.svg Arachnoid cyst
Symbol support vote.svg Ascending cholangitis
Symbol start class.svg Astrocytoma
Symbol b class.svg Atenolol
Symbol start class.svg Avian influenza
Symbol start class.svg Blackout (alcohol-related amnesia)
Symbol start class.svg Blood-brain barrier
Symbol b class.svg Bronchiectasis
Symbol b class.svg Caesarean section
Symbol support vote.svg Cancer
Symbol support vote.svg Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
Symbol b class.svg Cetirizine
Symbol start class.svg Chondrocalcinosis
Symbol support vote.svg Concussion
Symbol stub class.svg Cytomegalic inclusion body disease
Symbol b class.svg Dexamethasone
Symbol stub class.svg Diastomatomyelia
Symbol b class.svg Emphysema
Symbol stub class.svg Erythema
Symbol stub class.svg Facetectomy
Symbol support vote.svg Familial hypercholesterolemia
Symbol support vote.svg Fetal alcohol syndrome
Symbol c class.svg Foster Kennedy syndrome
Symbol c class.svg General medical examination
Symbol b class.svg Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
Symbol stub class.svg Gourmand syndrome
Symbol start class.svg Haemangioblastoma
Symbol b class.svg Headache
Symbol b class.svg Health
Symbol b class.svg Heart failure
Symbol b class.svg History and naming of human leukocyte antigens
Symbol b class.svg History of poliomyelitis
Symbol b class.svg Huntington's disease
Symbol start class.svg Hypereosinophilic syndrome
Symbol support vote.svg Hypopituitarism
Symbol start class.svg Hypovolemia
Symbol start class.svg Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Symbol c class.svg Infectious mononucleosis
Symbol list class.svg List of medical symptoms
Symbol list class.svg List of neurological disorders
Symbol list class.svg List of poliomyelitis survivors
Symbol b class.svg Long-term effects of alcohol
Symbol b class.svg Lymphatic system
Symbol c class.svg Meningioma
Symbol support vote.svg Meningitis
Symbol b class.svg Mental retardation
Featured article star.svg Multiple sclerosis
Symbol stub class.svg Musculoskeletal injury
Symbol b class.svg Myasthenia gravis
Symbol stub class.svg Myxoid cyst
Symbol b class.svg Neurodevelopmental disorder
Symbol b class.svg Neurological examination
Symbol b class.svg Neurosurgery
Symbol b class.svg O'Sullivan-McLeod syndrome
Symbol support vote.png Obesity
Symbol b class.svg Osteoblastoma
Symbol c class.svg Pain asymbolia
Symbol stub class.svg Partial ileal bypass surgery
Symbol b class.svg Pectus excavatum
Symbol stub class.svg Percutaneous nephrostomy
Symbol b class.svg Physical therapy
Symbol b class.svg Physician assistant
Featured article star.svg Pneumonia
Symbol support vote.svg Polio vaccine
Featured article star.svg Poliomyelitis
Symbol b class.svg Poliomyelitis eradication
Symbol support vote.svg Poliovirus
Symbol support vote.svg Polyclonal B cell response
Symbol b class.svg Post-polio syndrome
Symbol c class.svg Premature birth
Symbol c class.svg Preoperative fasting
Symbol start class.svg Progressive sclerosing poliodystrophy
Featured article star.svg Pulmonary contusion
Symbol stub class.svg Pyridoxine deficiency
Symbol b class.svg Radiology
Symbol b class.svg Recommended maximum intake of alcoholic beverages
Symbol b class.svg Severe acute respiratory syndrome
Symbol b class.svg Short-term effects of alcohol
Symbol b class.svg Speech loss
Symbol b class.svg Stroke
Featured article star.svg Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Symbol support vote.svg Subcutaneous emphysema
Symbol start class.svg Superior vena cava syndrome
Symbol stub class.svg Sézary's disease
Symbol stub class.svg Teardrop (band)
Symbol stub class.svg Thoracic aorta injury
Symbol b class.svg Thrombosis
Symbol stub class.svg Tolosa-Hunt syndrome
Symbol support vote.svg Traumatic brain injury
Symbol start class.svg Trichlormethiazide
Symbol c class.svg Vascular myelopathy
Symbol start class.svg Ventricular hypertrophy
Symbol start class.svg Von Hippel-Lindau disease
Symbol start class.svg Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
Symbol stub class.svg Xeromammography
Symbol b class.svg Zygomycosis
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Abuse reports
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Articles for deletion
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Deletion today
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Help desk
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:MCOTW
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Manual of Style (medicine-related articles)
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Pages needing attention/Medicine
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Reference desk/Science
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Request an account
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Requests for adminship
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:Sandbox/Word Association
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:WikiProject Dermatology
Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine

Symbol unlikely.svg Wikipedia:WikiProject Neurology

What I've created[edit]

Key: Disambiguation.svg Redirect Symbol stub class.svg Stubs Symbol start class.svg Start class Symbol c class.svg C class Symbol support vote.png Good article Featured article star.svg Featured stuff Symbol unlikely.svg Miscellaneous

Personal resources[edit]

List of citations I use regularly for easy access. Click here to see the codes. If you require access to any of these particular resources, please feel free to contact me.

  1. Ramrakha, Punit (2007). Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine, 2nd edition. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-852072-6 Check |isbn= value: checksum (help).  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)
  2. Allman, Keith G. (2006). Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia, 2nd edition. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-856609-0 Check |isbn= value: checksum (help).  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)
  3. Longmore, Murray (2007). Oxford Handbook of Clinicial Medicine, 7th edition. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-856837-1.  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)
  4. Wyatt, JP (2008). Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine, 3rd edition. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-920607-0 Check |isbn= value: checksum (help).  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)
  5. Warrell, David A. (2005). Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Volume Three. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-857013-9.  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)
  6. Lindsay, Kenneth W (1991). Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated. United States: Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0-443-04345-0.  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)
  7. Louis, David N (1991). WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System. IARC. ISBN 9283224302. 

Useful policies/guidelines/junk for me and you[edit]

Template Aliases Criteria Used for

Whenever possible, use a reason-specific template.

{{db-g1}} {{db-nonsense}} CSD G1 Patent nonsense. You can put {{subst:Db-nonsense-notice|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-g2}} {{db-test}} CSD G2 Test page. You can put {{subst:uw-creation1|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-g3}} {{db-vandalism}} CSD G3 Vandalism. You can put {{subst:uw-creation2|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-pagemove}} CSD G3 Nonsense redirects that are created from the cleanup of page move vandalism. You can put {{subst:mp2-n|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-hoax}} CSD G3 Blatant hoaxes. You can put {{subst:uw-hoax|"page name"}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-g4}} {{db-repost}} CSD G4 Copies of material that was previously deleted after an XfD discussion. Articles that were only previously speedily deleted do not fall under this category. You can put {{subst:repost-warn|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-g5}} {{db-banned|name of banned user}} CSD G5 Contributions made by a banned user while they were banned.
{{db-g6}} {{histmerge|
page to merge history from}}
CSD G6 History merge.
{{db-move|page to be moved|
reason for move}}
CSD G6 Making way for a non-controversial move. Please add the name of the page that is to be moved and the reason for the move.
{{db-copypaste|page to be moved}} CSD G6 Cleaning up copy-and-paste page moves to make way for a clean, non-controversial move. Please add the name of the page that is to be moved.
{{db-disambig}} CSD G6 Obviously unnecessary disambiguation pages.
{{db-xfd}} CSD G6 An experienced editor has closed a deletion debate as a "delete" but not deleted the page.
CSD G6 Other non-controversial "housekeeping" tasks, such as reversing a redirect.
{{db-g7}} {{db-author}}
CSD G7 Speedy request by only editor.
{{db-blanked}} CSD G7 Page blanked by only editor.
{{db-g8}} {{db-talk}} CSD G8 Talk page of a deleted or nonexistent page.
{{db-subpage}} CSD G8 Subpage of a deleted or nonexistent page.
{{db-imagepage}} CSD G8 Image page without a corresponding image.
{{db-redirnone}} CSD G8 Redirect to non-existent page. You can put {{subst:redirnone-warn|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-templatecat}} CSD G8 Category that is populated solely by a template that has been deleted.
{{db-g10}} {{db-attack}} CSD G10 Attack page intended to disparage its subject. You can put {{subst:attack|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-g11}} {{db-spam}} CSD G11 Blatant advertising. You can put {{subst:spam-warn|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-g12|url=URL of source}} {{db-copyvio|url=URL of source}} CSD G12 Blatant copyright violation. You can put {{subst:uw-copyright|page name|url=URL of source}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-a1}} {{db-empty}}
CSD A1 Very short articles without context. Use {{subst:empty-warn|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-a2}} {{db-foreign}} CSD A2 Foreign language article duplicated on other Wikimedia project.
{{db-a3}} {{db-nocontent}}
CSD A3 No content other than external links of whatever kind, or an attempt to contact subject of article.
{{db-a5}} {{db-transwiki}} CSD A5 Transwikification completed (if article is a dictionary definition only and has been transwikied, with or without an Articles for deletion discussion).
{{db-a7}} {{db-bio}}– for a person CSD A7 Article about a real person, individual animal(s), group, company, or web content that does not indicate the importance of the subject. Try to use one of the more specific templates rather than {{db-a7}}. You can put {{subst:nn-warn|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page, or, if it seems that someone has created a user page in the encyclopedia section instead of their user page, you can put {{subst:nn-userfy|page name}}-- ~~~~ on their talk page.
{{db-person}} – for people
{{db-band}} – for bands
{{db-club}} – for clubs, societies,
groups, and organizations
{{db-inc}} – for companies and corporations
{{db-web}} – for websites
{{db-animal}} – for individual animals
{{db-a9}} {{db-album}}
CSD A9 Article about a musical recording (album, single, etc.) that does not indicate the importance of the subject, and where the artist's article does not exist.
{{db-r2}} {{db-rediruser}} CSD R2 Redirect to an article talk page, image description page, image talk page, mediawiki page, mediawiki talk page, category talk page, portal talk page, template talk page, help talk, user page, or user talk. You can put {{subst:rediruser-warn|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-r3}} {{db-redirtypo}}
CSD R3 Recently created redirect that is a result of an implausible typo or misnomer. You can put {{subst:redirtypo-warn|page name}}~~~~ on the user's talk page.
{{db-f1|replacement file
replacement file name.ext}}

{{isd|replacement file name.ext}}
CSD F1 Same or better file exists on Wikipedia (see {{db-f8}} for files now on Commons).
{{db-f2}} {{db-nofile}} CSD F2 Corrupt or empty file. File page for a file on Commons without Wikipedia related or assessment information.
{{db-f3}} {{db-noncom}} CSD F3 "No commercial use" or "by permission" files uploaded after target date.
{{db-f4}} {{db-unksource}} CSD F4 Lack of licensing – Should only be used if the file has been previously tagged with {{no license}}, {{no source}}, or a similar template.
{{db-f5}} {{db-unfree}} CSD F5 Unused copyright file – Should only be used if the file has been previously tagged with {{or-cr}}, {{or-fu}}, or a similar template.
{{db-f6}} {{db-norat}} CSD F6 File with fair use tag but no fair use rationale - must have been tagged as such for seven days and uploaded after May 4, 2006.
{{db-f7}} {{db-badfairuse}} CSD F7 Bad fair use template – file tagged as fair use with a template that is patently irrelevant to the actual file, like {{game-screenshot}} on a photo of a celebrity. Please notify uploader on their talk page using {{subst:badfairuse|File:file name|tag that was on the file}}.
{{db-f8}} {{db-nowcommons}}
name of file on Commons.ext}}
CSD F8 Identical file has been moved to or is otherwise available on Commons.
{{db-f9|url=URL of source}} {{db-filecopyvio|url=URL of source}} CSD F9 Blatant copyright infringements.
{{db-f10}} {{db-badfiletype}} CSD F10 Uploaded file that is not an image, video or sound, is unused, and has no foreseeable encyclopedic use.
{{db-f11}} {{db-nopermission}} CSD F11 No evidence of permission from copyright holder to publish under license asserted by uploader – file must have been tagged with {{no permission}}, and uploader notified for seven days.
{{db-c1}} {{db-catempty}} CSD C1 Category that has been empty for at least four days.
{{db-u1}} {{db-userreq}} CSD U1 User page or subpage requested to be deleted by the user with whom it is associated.
{{db-u2}} {{db-nouser}} CSD U2 Userpages of users who do not exist.
{{db-u3}} {{db-gallery}} CSD U3 Fair use galleries in user space.
{{db-u5}} {{db-notwebhost}} CSD U5 Inappropriate use of userpages as web hosting.
{{db-t2}} {{db-policy}} CSD T2 Templates that are blatant misrepresentations of established policy.
{{db-t3|~~~~~ |
{{db-duplicatetemplate|~~~~~ |
CSD T3 Templates that are duplicates of, hard-coded instances of, or an inferior alternative to another template.
{{db-p1}} CSD P1 Any portal that would be subject to speedy deletion as an article.
{{db-p2}} {{db-emptyportal}} CSD P2 Underpopulated portal.
{{db-x1}} CSD X1 Unnecessary Neelix redirects.
{{db-x2}} CSD X2 Pages created by the content translation tool prior to 27 July 2016.

If you are not sure, you can use these general templates:

{{db}} {{db-reason|reason}}
{{Speedy deletion|reason}}
Replace reason with a specific reason for speedy deletion.
Please try to write out a reason that will be comprehensible to non-Wikipedians.