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On this page is a collection of handy resources for anyone wanting to know more about Wikimedia projects, especially Wikipedia. Like information and knowledge itself, some of these guides change as they are updated from time to time but this page should always list the most recent versions.

Introduction to Wikimedia and Wikipedia[edit]

Editing help and guidance[edit]

This is a selection of some of the most notable guides on contributing to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Wikipedia in the community[edit]

More and more communities around the world are seeing the benefit of having a good presence on Wikimedia projects such as Wikpedia and Wikivoyage. In Wales, Monmouth became the world's first Wikipedia Town in 2012. In 2014, the Llwybrau Byw! Living Paths! project is training people in communities all along the Wales Coast Path to edit Wikipedia.

Wikipedia in GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums)[edit]

An increasing number of galleries, libraries, archives and museums are hiring Wikiepdians in Residence, who work to make large amounts of information more freely available and form collaborative relationships between Wikimedia and instutions of knowledge.

Wikipedia in higher education[edit]

More and more academics and academic institutions are realising the value of Wikipedia not only as a resource but also as a place where students can develop their academic study skills by writing articles.


Wikivoyage ( was launched in 2012 and is a travel guide which anyone can contribute to. If you know of businesses that might interest visitors to your area, go ahead and add them! Shops, restaurants, museums, pubs, hotels and more are all welcome.

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Wikimedia Commons ( is the media file repository for Wikimedia projects. The image, audio, video and document files of projects such as Wikipedia are all uploaded to and stored in Wikimedia Commons. Like the text of Wikipedia, re-use and sharing of the files is permitted, but licenses differ slightly.