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Confessions of a Wikipedia fanatic or is it wikifanatic!?

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Greetings from Dundee, Scotland, currently I am a doctoral student at the University of Aberdeen on the "Concept of Jihad and Scotland: Contemporary Challenges and Perspectives in Socio-Racial Relations and Law Enforcement." . My name is Cyril Thomas and I am a psychologist, criminologist and researcher. My first article to Wikipedia was on (date) May 2004. At that time I was not a registered user and my contributions were sporadic. My first contribution as a registered user was on 3rd October 2004. The article was Critical Incident Response Group, (FBI). I am a Gemini and share my birthday with Ian Fleming…Well, what else....oh, okay here goes the list....don't say I didn't warn though!

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My Interests[edit]

My primary interests are Criminology, Victimology, Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, Police Science, Offender Profiling, Arcane schools, Religion, Theology and Spirituality. I am also interested in movies, books and game reviews. Music, History, Travel, Gaming, Computers, Gadgets…I think the list is unending, after all I am a Gemini!

My Hobbies[edit]

Reading, Writing, Research, Traveling with Asterix the Gaul and, of course, finding new hobbies.

My Articles, Stubs and Contributions[edit]

I have started and expanding the following articles




History and Religion[edit]

Places, Botany and Others[edit]


Contributed the following articles[edit]

What I am working on Now[edit]

  • Expanding Offender Profiling
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Expanding the article Criminologists
  • Edwin H. Sutherland
  • Gregg O. McCrary
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt
  • John E. Douglas
  • Colonel Robert Ressler
  • ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program)
  • ViCLAS

The Catagories and logos I created[edit]


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  • Astronomical observatories in Scotland
  • Wikipedians interested in criminology
  • Criminology Stubs
  • Criminologist Stub (criminologist-stub)
  • Law Enforcement Agency Stub (lea-stub)
  • Role playing game
  • Computer role playing game stub (crpg-stub)
  • Category:Criminal investigation
  • Category:Wikipedians interested in forensics
  • Category:Wikipedians interested in forensic psychology and psychiatry
  • Category:Law enforcement agency
  • Category:Wikipedians interested in profiling
  • Category:Wikipedians interested in psychiatry
  • Catergory: Wikipedians interested in counter terrorism

My Website[edit]

How to Contact Me[edit]

Visit my Webpage at Or visit my talkpage or even mail me at

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