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Whoa You're Fat! Fitness Clubs, Inc.[edit]

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A before/after comparison of a Whoa You're Fat! customer

Whoa You're Fat! Fitness Clubs is a company based in Belle Creek, Montana that provides exercise equipment to millions of people in North America. It was founded in 1996 by a pair of entrepenuers who were hoping to join the recent health craze. They built their first location in an abandoned auto garage, and were able expand to over 500 locations across North America. In 2002, the owners sold the company to Peak Fitness, which has only continued to increase the popularity of the clubs. The company now sponsors Michel Jourdain, Jr. in the NASCAR Busch Series.


The company has come under some criticism due to their rather patronizing name. Jeff Stec, President/CEO of Peak and Whoa You're Fat! insists that he name is in good humor, and says about the company's critics, "THEIR WIMPS! WIMPY WIMPY WIMPY!!!!"

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