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For reasons unknown, it took a new account and five years to rediscover contributions made as Great throwdini (2002). Does that make me an old-timer or just forgetful?

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D. Brodale has been awarded this Barnstar for the corrections of links, dabs, etc. across countless video game related entries. Marty Goldberg 02:56, 11 October 2007 (UTC)

For future reference[edit]

Trivia: Should an article on the Sega Astrodata (1971) ever be written, the inevitable "In popular culture" section might note that the protagonist in The Amateur (1981) stashes backup copies of materials vital to his blackmail scheme within one such system. The fortune telling coin-op is set within a diner and is easily identified as an Astrodata, though the summary titles to the film refer to it as an "Astro Computer".