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アートメディア (表現手段)とは、アーティストが作業で使用する素材の名称、あるいはテクニックを指す言葉である。


デッサン、ドローイングでは、 "media" refers to the type of held dry tool used and the base onto which it is transferred. The "held dry tool" normally means to a pencil, or stick medium, referred to as a "crayon". Small particles of broken-off stick medium are transferred to a base or plane of production on which the artwork is produced. A typical base is paper, but canvas and other surfaces can also be used.


Common drawing media[edit]


In 絵画, "media" refers to both the type of paint used and the base (or ground) to which it is applied. A paint's medium refers to what carries a paint's pigments, and is also called a "vehicle" or a "base". A painter can mix a medium with solvents, pigments, and other substances in order to make paint and control its consistency.

Common paint media[edit]

Common ground media[edit]

Application tools and methods[edit]


Muralists use many of the same media as panel painters, but due to the scale of their works, use different techniques. Some such techniques include:





In the art of printmaking, "media" tends to refer to the technique used to create a print. Common media include:

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