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This is my User Page and as with most things is a work in progress, enjoy! I also have a page at:

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So, you made it here, this page is a work in progress as most everything is. As near I can tell all of this started at Project Gutenberg or maybe it was the Big bang, anyway that's all in the past. Moments ago it was 2017/08/12 17:49UTC, which at the time was the present. Here comes the Future; you know my favorite thing about time is that it prevents everything from happening all at once, personally I don't deal with this particular aspect of the universe very well.

Please see also some of my favorite pages:
Renewable energy, Future energy development, Electric vehicles (BEV, PHEV, HEV), SEVA, EAA-PHEV, Conservation of energy, Fundamental interaction, Shape of the universe, Nikola Tesla

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Picture of the Day[edit]

U.S. Route 66
Historic U.S. Route 66 outside Amboy, California. Established on November 11, 1926, it was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. It served as a major path for those who migrated west, especially during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, and was a part of 1960s popular culture.

Superseded by the combination of Interstates 40, 44, and 55, U.S. 66 was decommissioned in 1985; but various organizations have advocated the installation of "historic route" markers on surviving sections of the road, as seen here.Photograph: Dietmar Rabich

The Idea of Battery Electric Vehicles[edit]

The primary advantage of a BEV is that all aspects of it's creation, opperation, and disposal are well withing the relm of managability. Unlike FF based societies in which there is no way to manage the conversion process from higher energy HC to lower energy CO2. There is no way to replace the HC nor manage the CO2 output of such systems. Nuclear energy while more managable than FF due mostly to their far greater energy densiy are still nothing more than a change of state of a finite material resource. BEVs and renewable energy on the other hand can be build with renewable energy, run on renewable energy, and be recycled at the end of their cycle lives, all of which is managable and systainable indefenently.

User:D0li0/BEV Development[edit]

There have been rescent and significant advancements in high power and cycle life Lithium-ion batteries which could vastly improve the viability, longevity, range, and recharge times if applied to BEVs.

See Supercapacitor as well.

User:D0li0/Hybrid What?[edit]

Perhaps it would help to clarify the somewhat confused understanding and difficulties in convaying the ideas behind various "Hybrid vehicles" by more accurately defining the specific aspects of such vehicles employing multiple technologies. The aspects which are Hybrid in nature could include but are not limited to Powered, Fueled, and/or Storage. So when categorizing a Hybrid vehicle one should mention which technologies (ie: GAS/ICE, Diesel/ICE, NG/ICE, LPG/ICE. H2/ICE, Electricity/Batteries/Motors, Hydrogen/Fuel Cell/Motors, Human/Peddles) are employed and the nature of their use. Such as Gas-Electric Powered or Diesel-Hydrogen Fueled.

User:D0li0/Future Energy Useage Scenarios[edit]

Made some changes to a page and got it deleted!? :(


Lithium batteries hold quite a bit of potential.

User:D0li0/Clickable Periodic Table[edit]

A Wikipedia Periodic Table imagemap which might be applicable to each elements table image. It won't work here due to it requiring html tag support, but it does work here:

Watchlist RSS feeder[edit]

Humm, can't seem to make ruby run the scripts above, something about missing the scan dependency? So how about a quick and dirty perl script? Just copy the watchlist source to a wikipedia.watchlist.source file and run it through this:


@list=`cat wikipedia.watchlist.source | grep "checkbox"`;
foreach (@list) {
 if ($_ =~ /.+href="\/wiki\/.+"\ .+href="\/w\/index.php\?title=(.+)&action=history".+/) {

print "<opml version=\"1.0\">\n<head><title>Subscriptions For an RSS Reader</title></head><body>\
<outline title=\"Wikipedia_Watchlist\" text=\"Wikipedia_Watchlist\">\n";
foreach (@articles) { $title="$_";           $article="$_";           &do_entry; }
foreach (@articles) { $title="$_" . ":Talk"; $article="Talk:" . "$_"; &do_entry; }
print "</outline></body></opml>\n";

sub do_entry {
 print "\t<outline text=\"$title\" title=\"$title\" type=\"rss\"\