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This page is for any article that I created or contributed greatly to.

Articles I created[edit]

  1. In Search of Sunrise (series)
  2. Gratification disorder
  3. Electoral district of Mulgrave
  4. Magik Two
  5. SongBird

Articles I contributed greatly to[edit]

  1. Impaction
  2. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Disambiguation Pages whose links I've removed[edit]

  1. Indie
    • removed about 150 links initially and 3-10 links a week just to maintain it
  2. Magnitude
    • removed about 70 links
  3. First person
    • removed about 150 links

Featured Articles I created/contributed greatly to[edit]

A man can dream can't he...


I've made significant contributions to (or created) most of the articles regarding Tiësto and his albums. Some of my more notable contributions in this area are:

  1. Cleaning up all the capilatisation and spelling errors in the titles of Tiësto related articles, templates and categories;
  2. Setting up the standard lead format for Tiësto albums (particularly in the Magik and Forbidden Paradise series);
  3. Creating the original In Search of Sunrise article;
  4. Cleaning up all the chronology (an extremely tedious task);
  5. Supplying the length of many Tiësto albums (even more tedious for those which I did not have for easy reference);
  6. Removing albums not by Tiësto from Template:Tiësto (surprising that there were so many); and,
  7. Successfully having an article on In Search of Sunrise 6 deleted as it was completely unsourced speculation and hoax promotion.

I am still in the process of:

  1. Determining the exact release dates of several Tiësto albums (particular a few in 1996); and,
  2. Refining the articles in the Magik series then the Forbidden Paradise series.