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In an effort to combat linkrot, DASHBot crawls Wikipedia articles looking for articles with acceptable archives in the Internet Archive.

How DASHBot works[edit]

DASHBot searches a page for {{Cite Web}} templates with urls with no archive. It then queries the Internet Archive for archives closest to the accessdate parameter (and within a window of ± one month).

Features in Development[edit]

  • A database log of #wikipedia-en-spam, to infer the first usage date of a URL without an accessdate.
  •  Done A History Searcher to infer an access date by combing articles' histories for the first usage dates of a URL.
  • Bare URL archiving.
  • On-demand archiving.
  • Live archiving (the bot would theoretically archive a page as soon as it is added).


Some of the Bot's settings can be changed here: /Settings.yaml. The bot reads the page every time it starts the archive operation.

Keeping DASHBot away from an article[edit]

Keeping DASHBot from editing an article is easy. Simply put the following template anywhere on the page:


If there is already a {{Bots}} template on the page, you may edit it to display the following:


DASHBot needs to be turned off[edit]

Please edit (or get an administrator) to edit this page: /Shutoff. The bot will stop within 3 edits.