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DASHBot-Antivandalism is a system that catches and reverts cases of obvious vandalism.


  • The bot uses a live copy of this list of regexes to find and revert edits.
  • Only pages that do not have titles that match these regexes are scanned.
  • The bot generates the score for the edit by scoring the edit for each time a match occurs.
  • The score threshold for the bot changes, based on the size.


The bot will not revert the same user, making an edit to the same page twice in 24 hours. However, this function can be turned off at the settings page.


The following are the warning templates that the bot uses to message users.

  1. {{User:DASHBot/VANDALWARN1}}
  2. {{User:DASHBot/VANDALWARN2}}
  3. {{User:DASHBot/VANDALWARN3}}
  4. {{User:DASHBot/VANDALWARN4}}

Error Reporting/Logging

The bot keeps detailed logs on the edits it reverts. Those logs can be searched by using [1]. If given a diffnumber, the page auto-filles an error-report, and redirects the user to User:DASHBot/False Postive Reports. If given a username, however, the page spits out a log of all the edits from that user, the bot has reverted.