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Who I Am[edit]

Hello! Don't be put off by the user name (it tends to put people off). I don't do crack; I used to live in the ghetto and across the street from a place where they cook it. We got to watch crazy crack heads all day long, and we called it "Crack Head Theater, or Dat Crack!"

I'm a technical writer, and at this point I've written for so many different fields it's a little difficult to call any a specialty. Right now I work for the financial industry. Below is a list of my areas of knowledge and interest.

What I Know[edit]

Professional Academic Hobbies/Casual

Technical documentation
Styles and Forms
English grammar
Web-based Programming Languages

Computer Hardware
Many different pieces of software.

Formal logic

Short stories
Greek Mythology

Computer Games
Science fiction

Role-Playing Games

There's probably some other areas I'm not thinking of right this second. I like to write and, to a certain extent, like to read my own writing, so I try and get in here and work the wiki as much as possible.

What I Take Part In[edit]

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Guild of Copy Editors.

My Ribbons[edit]

Registered Editor