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Who is this then...?[edit]

Ever since I stumbled across wikipedia a long time ago, I have found it to be a great idea, and an invaluable resource. It is a shame that such a resource is sometimes shunned by academics, although nowadays most of the open-minded seem to accept it as an informal resource. However, wikipedia has the potential to become so much more. With thorough scolarship, as is evident in parts, it can become a font of knowledge for all levels of study. Obviously I learned early on in my internet use that one must take everything one sees with a pinch of salt and investigate the motivations and sources of each resource, this is why meticulous citations are so vital to the success of wikipedia — they are one of those things that can set it apart from any other web resource. Another important issue is redirection — for those users who want to find their resource quickly, or for newer users, repeated searching can be unattractive or off-putting and can give a bad impression when there are no alternative meanings of the search terms, particularly alternative transliterations of non-latin characters. These are another vital part of making wikipedia a reliable and easy-to-use resource.

Currently on my mind...[edit]

Lots of work!