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Hi. I am User:DBQer, and this page is about me. I am an Iowa native, and proud of it. I have spent my entire life living in the beautiful City of Dubuque. I started using Wikipedia about a year ago, and have become increasingly savvy about it ever since. I began writing/editing articles late last year, and most of my contributions have been related to Dubuque, or places near & within it.

I believe that I have a high degree of knowledge about the city and the area, and have tried to express that through my contributions. I keep up on local current events, so hopefully all of my edits are accurate! I have been inspired to write more about the great things happening in Dubuque, as the city has really come into its own in the last couple years.

Some of my other interests include eating, listening to music, watching movies, and discussing politics.

I greatly dislike people who vandalize Wikipedia, especially articles I have written or contributed to! I like to keep things focused, concise, and useful. Information is power, so use it, share it, and learn it!

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