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About Me[edit]

I like a variety of things of which include: Manga and American Comics (Ult. Spider-Man is the best), Anime, video games..etc. Just gonna list some of my favorites:


Dragon Ball & DragonBall Z

Bleach (manga)

Kikaider (CMX)

American Comics:

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate X-Men

The Ultimates

All Star Superman

All Star Batman and Robin


Dragon Ball

DragonBall Z

DragonBall GT

Bleach (Anime)

Cowboy Bebop


Big O


American TV:

The Venture Bros.

Family Guy

Frisky Dingo

South Park

The Simpsons Only Seasons 1-9

Scrubs (tv series)

The X-Files Only Seasons 1-7

Invader Zim