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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Did you know about the Ladoga seal and Saimaa ringed seal? Well, these guys live in real freshwater (as opposed to most of seals) and they are from Europe. Yes, this civilised continent, you know. And their small population only lives in those lakes that their names specify.

Why do they matter?

Mainly because they are interesting and fun to think about when you have a long train ride or some other situation that doesn't require any thought-consuming action. Not that thinking about them is superior to actually closing your eyes and seeing them, of course. That can happen in long days or long nights. And short ones too, naturally.

Blind people, anyway, can experience the same even without closing their eyes. While unblind people can experience the same with open eyes, but only if they have high-level skills of ignoring the visual view they are having. Such skills must include staying calm even when an explosion of an oil train occurs outside of the window. If you can't do that, your meditation qualities are still wanting.