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Time to say something about myself.

Background - Computing and Electronics (since about 1976), more recently Telecommunications. Math and Physics to match.

Interests - Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Technology, Science.

Dream achievement - Anti gravity ..... but I don't think I'll win a Nobel for that one, I haven't managed to convince myself it's possible yet.

Wiki Stuff[edit]

Sig Tests[edit]

Code: [[User:DMcMPO11AAUK|DMcMPO11AAUK]]/[[User talk:DMcMPO11AAUK|Talk]]/[[Special:Contributions/DMcMPO11AAUK|Contribs]] (raw sig)

3 Tilde ~~~ gives: DMcMPO11AAUK/Talk/Contribs

4 Tilde ~~~~ gives: DMcMPO11AAUK/Talk/Contribs 09:07, 16 September 2007 (UTC)

5 Tilde ~~~~~ gives: 09:07, 16 September 2007 (UTC)

Warning Images[edit]

Code 15px 25px 35px
[[image:Information.svg|NNpx]] Information.svg Information.svg Information.svg
[[image:Nuvola apps important.svg|NNpx]] Nuvola apps important.svg Nuvola apps important.svg Nuvola apps important.svg
[[image:Stop hand nuvola.svg|NNpx]] Stop hand nuvola.svg Stop hand nuvola.svg Stop hand nuvola.svg

My Mini Project - Fixing RFCs[edit]

I spent several hours over a couple of days going through the RFC bot error file and the RFC lists fixing errors in RFCs. Here are the sorts of errors I found:

  • Missing parameter(s) (template must include section, reason and time parameters)
  • Use of exclamation mark (the "!" character) in section or reason text
  • Section parameter of template doesn't match section heading in discussion page (causes a broken link in RFCxxx list)
  • Wrong number of tildes used in time param - usually ~~~~ (sig) instead of ~~~~~ (timestamp)
  • Multiple RFC templates in different section in one discussion page - the Bot gets confused by this, even if some of the templates are wrapped in nowiki tags
  • Carriage return inside template

The current RFC bot error list can be found here.

If you find a malformed RFCxxx template, the best thing to do may be to wrap it in nowiki tags. I've also written two templates that you can use when you find a malformed RFCxxx template. These are {{Template:BrokenRFCxxx}} for placing in the document with the template, and {{Template:ExampleRFCxxx}} for the talk page of the editor that needs help using the template.

Example use of RFCxxx Template[edit]

Below is an example of how a completed RFCxxx template and associated section heading might appear in a discussion page edit box before saving (xxx = any of bio, econ, hist, lang, sci, art, pol, reli, soc, style, policy).

== RFC: Is photo in "history" section relevant to article? ==

{{ RFCxxx | section = RFC: Is photo in "history" section relevant to article? !! reason = Is the photograph in the "History" section relevant to the article? !! time = ~~~~~ }}

Is the photograph in the "History" section relevant to the article?

Things to note:

  • RFCxxx templates go on discussion pages, not in articles.
  • Only one section containing RFCxxx templates should exist in a discussion page, and it may only contain one of each type of RFCxxx template, otherwise RFC bot will get confused.
  • All parameters in the template must be completed (section, reason, and time).
  • section is the section header of the discussion document section that the RFCxxx template is inserted in, RFC bot uses this information to insert a link in the RFCxxx list that points to the discussion.
  • reason is a neutral statement of the reason than an RfC is requested for. RFC bot copies it to the RFCxxx list. It should be repeated after the template.
  • time is a standard timestamp as provided by using 5 tilde characters ~~~~~.
  • Do Not use any exclamation mark ( ! ) characters in your reason or section, they will confuse RFC bot.