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Hi, I'm Derek Newhall. I'm a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where I double majored in Philosophy and Software Project Design and Management.

My contributions to Wikipedia are mainly related to fixing typos, redirects, and other minor things nowadays. Since I am a history and political philosophy buff I used to very involved with the articles relating to fascism and other early-20th century nationalist and dictatorial movements, specifically in trying to make them more scholarly and less obviously biased (I was the primary maintainer of the Fascism portal), but the amount of bickering, blatant bias (from people on all sides), accusations of bias (from people on all sides), resulting revert-wars, and wasted time eventually got to me and I no longer contribute heavily.

My interests include computer programming, politics, economics, music, and fencing. I currently work as a computer programmer typically working in the Common Lisp and C programming languages. I do also, however, have a soft-spot in my heart for Tcl, Korn shell, and Objective-C. Politically, I identify as a classical liberal and consequently typically vote for the Libertarian Party. My favorite genre of music is industrial music, and thoroughly enjoy the overlapping genres of gothic rock and metal, but will listen to anything that strikes my fancy.