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Joe Siegler in 1999 at the State Fair of Texas

Joseph Michael Siegler (born August 20, 1965 in Norfolk, Virginia) is an American software entrepreneur, Apogee/3D Realms' webmaster and forum moderator.

Siegler moved to New Jersey in 1966 and lived there until the age of four, after which he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started college at Temple University in 1983 but was dismissed after one year, at which point he started working for an auto parts warehouse in Philadelphia. Prior to 1992, he also worked at a microfiche company and Bell Atlantic Business Systems Services, then a computer repair department of Bell Atlantic.

In December 1992, Siegler moved to Garland, Texas to work for Apogee Software. There, he creates the installers for the company's various computer games, and writes all the games' technical support documents. He is also responsible for making the games' gold master copies, and taking care of various other tasks in the office. He has worked as a level designer for Rise of the Triad and its expansion pack Extreme Rise of the Triad, is the voice of Duke Nukem in Duke Nukem II's intro sequence, as well as the voice of the Dopefish in its Wacky Wheels Easter egg appearance.


Besides being somewhat synonymous with the 3D Realms forum, Siegler is also known as the Dopefish's biggest fan, and is the owner and webmaster of the official Dopefish fansite.

Black Sabbath[edit]

Siegler is also the webmaster of, a fansite dedicated to Black Sabbath. The site also hosts forums dedicated to the band. The height of these forums' popularity came in August 2005, after a now-infamous incident where Sharon Osbourne sabotaged an Iron Maiden performance at Ozzfest 2005.

Siegler also does other music-related sites related to Black Sabbath. They are for Sabbath's drummer, Bill Ward, their bassist, Geezer Butler, and their former late drummer, Cozy Powell.

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