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I began editing Wikipedia in 2004. Most of the articles I have created from scratch are about people or or places relating to Illinois. I have also researched and expanded several articles, many of which were being listed for deletion at the time they came to my attention. However, much of my editing is simply cleaning up articles. Misspellings, poor prose, and generally failing to observe the Manual of Style reflect badly on Wikipedia and I like to fix those problems when I see them.

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Other personal editing shortcuts

  • no extra links on disambig pages, see [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style (disambiguation pages)]]
  • {{subst:User:DS1953/Welcome1|}} ~~~~ - for new users who added a vanity article put on CSD or AfD
  • {{subst:User:DS1953/Welcome2|}} ~~~~ - for new registered users who experimented on an article
  • {{subst:User:DS1953/Welcome3|}} ~~~~ - for new unregistered users who experimented on an article
  • *{{imdb name|id=|name=}}
  • [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Dates of birth and death]]
  • {{subst:Test2-n|}} ~~~~ - for those who add nonsense

Notes to self...

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