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Hi. I'm a part-time attorney - still doing a few wills and estates - and I do online missions work through Global Media Outreach, where people from all over the world visit our sites like I do not have the time I did for the last few months to be on Wikipedia, but it was nice while it lasted.

Anyway, I got a Masters in Ministry, too, so I have a bunch of ways to go. I am rather burned out from law, though; it's hard being handicapped, trying to start one's own business. I have 20/800 vision, hearing problems, a touch of cerebral palsy and a possible bit of Asperger's Syndrome (self-diagnosed ont hat one - there's a Wired Magazine test where I scored 24 once and 27 once. The average Neurotypical is at 16, and 80& of those with Asperger's score 32 or higher. So, with how literal I am at times, and a few other little things, I'm right on the cusp. I'm probably about like Thomas Jefferson, who I'm surprised some people believe had AS, as I sure don't thikn of him as an introvert. And, I'm nto much of one, either, really.)

Hmmm, what else? Well, visit for a somewhat continuing blog through the Bible - I might do more books later, or at least start them.

ALso, I've written a tome called "If Baseball Integrated Early" about the early integration of baseball - from the beginning, in fact. I do a lot of writing in my spare time. It has a history companion called "Brotherhood and Baseball." You can find my other Print On Demand books at Amazon,, the Nook store, etc. as well - "Discovering Grace," a comedy called "Vikings SAck San Marino," "This Little Light," and "Never Let Me Go."

So, if I'm not here much anymore, have a great time. It's been fun.