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'Jack Thorogood, born Nicholas John Thorogood, is a British entrepreneur, digital media specialist, farmer and lorry driver.

Dates of birth and early life[edit]

Thorogood as born into a farming family in Suffolk, England, probably in 1978. He has listed various dates of birth and used various names in official documents. His date of birth is listed as 22nd December 1978 on the 2014 incorporation documents of his Irish company Thorogo Ltd and on his disqualification as director in the UK. His UK company Swiffen Ltd his date of birth is given as June 1978.

Change of name[edit]

Thorogood stated in the High Court in London that he changed his name from Nicholas John Thorogood to Jack Thorogood after bing disqualified as a director because everybody knew him as "Jack" anyway. He claimed to have changed his name by deed poll and now carries a passport in the name of Jack Thorogood.


Thorogood began his career in the family business of farming, branching out into haulage and related activities.

Disqualification and legal issues[edit]

Nicholas John (aka Jack) Thorogood was disqualified from acting as a director of a UK company from 25th September 2009 to 24th September 2014, due to issues arising from the failure of his haulage business Quick Pallet Limited. Despite this ban he subsequently set up various other companies using the name Jack Thorogood and a different date of birth. One of these, Invideous Limited, attracted investment in excess of £1m from third party investors who were not aware of Thorogood's status as a disqualified director. Subsequent actions by Thorogood led to legal action being taken against him and others by Invideous in the High Court in London. The judge found that Thorogood has been a disqualified director throughout his involvement with Invideous and found against him on numerous points. As well as damages and costs, Thorogood was given a prison sentence for contempt of court. He has appealed this sentence and applied to appeal the whole case. Proceedings against Thorogood by the Insolvency Service of the UK Government's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, relating to his breach of the disqualification order, are pending.

Personal life[edit]

Thorogood is


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