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I am an Australian living in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Interests include choral singing, writing, rowing, snorkeling, chess, sustainability, the expanding earth hypothesis (yes, I know it is debunked, but the debunking is scientifically so full of holes you could shoot a SR-71 through it) and being an intellectual badass. I have been a member of AICSA since 1992, and attended every InterVarsity Choral Festival from 1993 to 2007 inclusive.

I've been known to compose a bit of music here and there, mainly SATB a cappella choral music and broadway / musicals. Also mostly under a rather well-known pseudonym to protect the innocent (me).

Qualifications include degrees in Politics and English (Flinders University), and postgraduate work in Software Engineering (RMIT University). I'm a professional writer by trade, and chief cook and bottle washer 24/7.

I love dark chocolate, organic food and country music, and am addicted to strawberries and mangoes. Buy me a beer or two and I'm your friend for life.

You'll find me around Wikipedia fixing a fair number of typos and grammatical nasties, as well as correcting errors on topics of interest to me. Pages I follow are varied, and I get annoyed at vandalism.

Outside links[edit]

  • [1] - Member of AICSA and IV attendee (multiple title holder women's individual event beer sculling, 2x title holder men's (open) individual event beer sculling, several team events, multiple team event winner camp revue)
  • [2] - RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS). Chorister, sculling champion, chip scarfer and honorary member for reasons I haven't quite figured out yet.


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