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Adopted Typos[edit]

For more information, see the Adopt-a-typo and Typo Team projects. For more general proofreading and editing, see the Guild of Copy Editors.

Citation errors[edit]

Category Status
CS1 errors: arXiv‎ ☑Y
CS1 errors: ASIN ☑Y
CS1 errors: bibcode‎ 2
CS1 errors: DOI 5
CS1 errors: invalid parameter value ☑Y
CS1 errors: ISBN‎‎ 104
CS1 errors: ISSN‎‎ 3
CS1 errors: LCCN‎ ☑Y
CS1 errors: OCLC ☑Y
CS1 errors: OL ☑Y
CS1 errors: parameter link‎ 7
CS1 errors: PMC‎ ☑Y
CS1 errors: PMID‎ ☑Y
CS1 errors: translated title‎‎ 2
Pages with empty citations‎ 7
Pages with citations having redundant parameters‎ 426
Pages with citations using unnamed parameters‎ 347
Pages with citations using unsupported parameters‎ 83
URL–wikilink conflict 2

Some CS1 error categories - these are the most manageable ones, but the full list is here. Adapted from version on Jonesey95's tools page

Most common citation errors[edit]

Following are some little errors I came across a lot going through the table above, which don't currently have completely clear explanations on other pages.

Attempted archiving[edit]

If a URL no longer works, DO NOT move that URL into the parameter dead-url=. That is used for a different thing (pre-emptive archiving; see Template:Citation#URL). Usually the intention is to add {{dead link}} ([dead link]). This template goes after the citation, but before the </ref>. Instead, however, consider searching through some archive websites, and if an archived version is found, add it in archive url= inside the citation template. If no copy exists, add the dead link template with fix-attempted=yes to display [permanent dead link], or delete the whole reference and add {{citation needed}}. Leaving a dead reference in an article can sometimes be useful to show that at one point, there was (probably) a reliable source for the fact, or to allow another editor to find the reference somewhere else.


[1] search finds Wikipedia pages with the initials "X, Y"

The open task table[edit]

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See Wikipedia:Maintenance for more information.

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