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David recently received his Bachelors of Arts in "Creative Studies - emphasis in: Literature" from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara in June, 2006. He transfered to UCSB with the Regents Scholarship and was Co-Chair of the UCSB "Regents and Chancellor's Scholar's Society. He received his AA in English from El Camino College in 2003.

Articles written[edit]

-Max Schott

-Santa Barbara Zoo

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Middle dot to Interpunct.

Articles saved from Vandalism[edit]


-University of California, Los Angeles

-Mischa Barton


-True Lies

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Pictures uploaded[edit]

File:IMG 1799.JPG
Giraffe with a neck deformity at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
Carrillo Dining Commons.
Carrillo Dining Commons.
The Pendola House in Manzanita Village.
The Pendola House in Manzanita Village.
IVFP officers near Manzanita Village on Halloween 2004.
Barricade and police around the Sorbonne.
Houses built on the cliffs of Santorini.