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Hi and welcome in my personnal page!

I visited Wikipedia for the first time in 2004 and I'm officialy a member since 2006, February 12th.

Others communities[edit]

My contributions[edit]


(first entry : 2006/12/10-2007/01/14)

(second entry : 2007/03/08-)


Major adds[edit]

Wikipedia in french[edit]

I speak in french and I understand well english (but I'm not perfect!). See my french page in the category "In other languages" for French Wikipedia. So, keep in mind that I can make some mistake while writing here.

More on me[edit]

I am a christian-spiritual (born Catholic but I'm not in a religion, I just kept the ideology), pacifist, with some interest in socialism and communism, and I am homosexual. YES! All of this together is possible! I also considering myself as one of the MTV Generation, or from the Boomerang Generation, or simply a "Cusper".

I write a lot, poetry (more than 300 since 1997, and I published some in papernews at schools or in the region), and I would like also to publish novels, essays on the society & spirituality, and a book on my own negative experiences that I had in my secondary schools years, about my homosexuality, the other students who harrased me for years, and the effect of that in long term.


Pages & things that I like[edit]

Spirituality :

Humanity :

Music :

Films :

The Body Snatchers :

Others :

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