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MottoWe believe that much can be done when intelligent and helpful people all come together in one place.[1]
FormationJanuary 21, 2007; 12 years ago (2007-01-21)
PurposeClueNet strives to filter out the people who have no intent of helping others.[1]
  • The internet
Crispy, Cobi & SnoFox


ClueNet is an organization of UNIX servers across the Internet that are combined to provide free services to users. These services include an IRC server, mail service, many shell servers, and others. ClueNet is focused around the central community of users. We believe that much can be done when intelligent and helpful people all come together in one place. Most Internet services, including chatrooms, are filled with people that have no intent of helping others, or even have malicious intent. ClueNet strives to filter out these people and attract only the best members for the community.[1]


The community is primarily focused around the chatroom component of ClueNet, ClueIRC. ClueIRC is open to anyone who wants to join, but if you don't actively participate, it is likely that you will not become very involved. The community is well-rounded and welcomes anyone with good intent. If you don't know much about Linux or computers, there are many people here that would be pleased to help you learn. Intelligence and helpfulness is socially rewarded, while flaming and other immature activity is greatly frowned upon.[1]


ClueNet uses a cluster of servers at the core for redundancy and security. The primary, and secondary clusters host critical services such as Kerberos, LDAP, DNS, VPN control, MySQL and others. These two clusters are configured in master/master or master/slave depending upon there requirements and have access restricted to CTAs.

The third cluster is a global VPN which was written by Crispy (one of the CTA's) and is available under the GPLv3 license here.

On top of this reliable infracture the server owners can build and offer services ranging from shell hosting to vps hosting.


Due to the use of kerberos user passwords are not sent across the network in plain or encrypted form and tickets have a expiry time so if a users ticket was compromised the attack window is greatly reduced. This also allows for sso between the servers also reducing the risk of users giving away there password to a spoofed service.

Along with the security on the authentication side there are is also ACL based access to ldap attributes meaning that a user can decide if they want part of there profile information to be world readable, user readable (authenticated users) or private to them only. This access is also applied to attributed for DNS, server information etc. allowing total access control.

A few examples of this in effect are as follows:

  1. For the server attribute only the owner and authorized administrators (as set by the owner) can edit it's attributes such as ip addresses, host names etc.
  2. Users can control who can see there personal information (such as twitter user, email address etc.) but are restricted to allowing read only access to prevent them from creating a security risk by allowing another user to write to there details
  3. Users can be assigned access to a specific DNS or VPN entry allowing them to update ip addresses of entries they own but not modify others entries or tamper with critical entries


Members of the community are generally involved in opensource projects both within and outside ClueNet. There is generally a wild discussion going on with topic ranging from technical questions to general opinion. The object of discussions is not to create a flamewar but to understand another's point of view and introduce them to yours and others.

If you are willing to share information with others and help out where you can then you will be welcome. There is no discrimination and the user base spans the entire world including multiple members of different ethnic backgrounds and sexualities.

History[edit][2] and C&H Services[3], two free shell account providers, who met when they both used the now-defunct ShellsNet as their official IRC network.

When the administrators of and C&H Services became disgruntled with the changes to the environment of ShellsNet, they left but maintained relations. C&H Services joined with EvilHosting's[4] IRC network and became EvilShells. When the IRC network fell apart, C&H Services and merged and became ClueNet.

Taking what they had learned they set about creating the right community and infrastructure to meet the ClueNet principle.


Services offered by ClueNet vary as server owners and users are free to build there own upon the core infrastructure, however the main ones include:

  • Linux shell
  • Email
  • IRC

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