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“I used to live in a room full of mirrors / All I could see was me / Well I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors / Now the whole world is here for me to see” - Jimi Hendrix

I started contributing to Wikipedia when I was 15 while recovering at home from traumatically painful surgeries after a cancer scare. In junior high, I had started to read about popular music--music journalism and criticism, books, reviews, etc.--as a way of reconciling my desire to improve my English with a feeling I had that there was much more to music than what I had heard on the radio or from my peers. Reading about it became an enduring hobby of mine, as did expanding my music collection based a lot on certain critics who articulated so well the different perspectives and interpretations art can inspire. I also read stories behind the realities and circumstances that inspired the artist's work and how the work impacted those involved, the popular music landscape, and even the cultural consciousness of listeners and society in general, which was as interesting and enjoyable for me to read as a novel or watching a film. The writing of music journalists such as Robert Christgau and Miles Marshall Lewis helped me improve my reading comprehension and articulation more than the New York public school system could ever dream of and helped put my mind off one of several debilitating health setbacks I would experience in my life.

I eventually wandered onto Wikipedia while looking for information on certain albums I was interested in, but many of the articles were either meager and poorly-written or non-existent, so I started to expand and rewrite or, in some cases, create articles from scratch into what you see below. In the process, I developed a better feel for writing, researching, and citing sources. Some of the most interesting pieces of criticism were written about works by Black musicians, including Ray Charles, Gil Scott-Heron, and Public Enemy, because the stories were rich and layered with discourse on how politics and social issues intersected with the personal inspirations behind the music. Those were the album articles I wrote at first, but by reading more and developing my sensibilities further, I began to appreciate so much more music, even beyond what I ended up writing for the articles below. Some of the many artists whose work I have come to love include Lucinda Williams, DJ Shadow, Sonny Rollins, Jimi Hendrix, M.I.A., John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Sly and the Family Stone, PJ Harvey, The Clash, Miles Davis, and the xx.

Along with my main work below, I've also helped expand parts of other articles whenever their topic piqued my interest, particularly artist biographies, genre articles, and sections on how critics received a musical work. My presence on Wikipedia diminished as my health improved and life opened itself up to me more, so my most recent work below will likely be my last, and my best. Still, Wikipedia--as an outlet for my intellectual growth and study of something precious and meaningful to me, music--will always have sentimental value for me. I'm also pretty proud of my Featured articles, which feel like A+ papers to me, so please don't vandalize them lol.

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