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Dan Keshet lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts Seattle, Washington Boston, Massachusetts, USA Austin, Texas, USA. His email address is dkesh followed by the at sign then followed by bostoncoop dot net.

Pet peeves:[edit]

  • Using verbs like "seem" or "appear" in articles: (e.g. "it seems that...", "but that doesn't appear to be true..."). "Seeming" is a reflection on the perspective of the author, not on the reality of the world...
    • You can't mean that removing the word would be a better option ("It is the case that all women are Catholic" versus "It seems to be the case that all women are Catholic"). So what would you suggest replacing the qualifiers with? Slaniel 02:01, 30 March 2006 (UTC)
  • Leaving "please insert more here...", or "would somebody who knows something about this help out?" in either the article or the summary field. We're at Wikipedia, you don't need to ask for help! The request adds nothing, but can take away from the flow of an article.
    • Wow, this pet peeve is so 2002! DanKeshet 04:05, Apr 14, 2005 (UTC)

Why I don't like most uses of the word "extremism"[edit]

  • "Extremist" often implies that there is a linear scale that ties the "extremist" to the "moderate". So when you call baruch goldstein a "jewish extremist", does that mean that "jewish moderates" are like him, just not as radical or militant?
  • Calling somebody extremist is highly ambiguous, because "extremism" is a term relative to others. Are we talking about "extreme" on the accepted political scale of here and now (wherever here is, whenever now is), or on the scale of their own milieu?

I've been eliminating and improving many uses of the words extremism and extremist.

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Request for de-adminship[edit]

I ask that my account on English wikipedia no longer be a sysadmin. I barely ever use it, there are plenty of competent sysadmins, and there's no purpose in using privileges with a barely-ever used account. Thanks! DanKeshet 21:10, 7 May 2007 (UTC)