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After some of my first trips through Philadelphia by riding along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, including one layover during a return trip, I found so much interesting information on railroad stations owned by Metropolitan Philadelphia area's Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority(SEPTA), I had to write about them. Unlike Metra, SEPTA coverage is pretty packed, so there really isn't that much to be done. But for what little that hasn't been covered until I wrote about it, here they are;

Articles I've Created[edit]

Let it be known that I refuse to recognize the recent campaign to eliminate railroad systems from station names over the excuse of unnecessary disambiguations, with the exceptions of major terminals and hubs such as 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, and the Chester, Norristown, 69th Street (Upper Darby), Arrott, Frankford, Olney, and Fern Rock Transportation Centers.

SEPTA Regional Rail[edit]

Route 101(Media-Orange Street)[edit]

Route 102(Sharon Hill)[edit]

Routes 101 and 102[edit]

NOTE: I wanted to give most of these articles the title " *** (SEPTA Media-Sharon Hill Line station)"

Subway-Surface Trolley Lines[edit]






Regional Rail[edit]

Market-Frankford Line[edit]

Subway-Surface Trolley Lines[edit]

Media-Sharon Hill Trolley Lines[edit]

Articles I Want to Create[edit]

SEPTA Trolleys and Trolleybuses[edit]

  • SEPTA Route 80

Other Stuff[edit]

  • The never-built SEPTA R4 Regional Rail line.
  • Replace the former File:WilmingtonDE Station.jpg with a new image of the same name(Those I took on June 8, 2010 were covered in scaffolding and tarp, which doesn't make it look so good, even if it's necessary).
  • Consider separate regional rail template categories for Category:SEPTA succession templates
  • I'm actually considering invading the Philadelphia Metro Area to snap some pictures... again.