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This subpage is my list of road-related projects so far. It will be expanded whenever I write a new page.

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New York[edit]

Long Island & New York City[edit]

State Highways[edit]

Non-State Highways[edit]

Upstate New York[edit]





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Exit Lists for the following roads[edit]

Route Redirection Project[edit]

Many road completion lists are so long, that browsers take forever to redirect all other versions to one. Even a shorted version of some lists here drag out slow browsers like mine. Therefore, I've created the link above as a shortcut.


The following categories apply to roads, railroads, bridges and other transportation-related subjects:



Since you're probably wondering about where I get much of my road info, here's a short, incomplete list.

  • 1976 Hagstrom's Map(Town of Brookhaven);
  1. Suffolk County Road 55 Extension to Grumman Peconic River Airport.
  2. Suffolk County Road 94 Extension to Sound Avenue.
  3. Suffolk County Road 90 from Moriches-Yaphank Road to Wading River-Center Moriches Road.
  4. Suffolk County Road 111 from the Port Jefferson area to Manorville.

  • Long Island Recreational Map; Columbia Marketing Corporation(1978, 1980, and other editions), 242 West 30th Street, New York, New York, 10001;
  1. Suffolk County Road 83 Sound Beach Extension, and Cedar Beach Spur.

  • New York City and Long Island Map & Visitor's Guide; Esso(Standard Oil Corporation of New Jersey), 1964;

  • New York City and Vicinity, Including Long Island; American Automobile Association, 1967;
  • "Sunrise Highway Plan Grows," by Bob Wacker (Newsday; October 24, 1974);
  1. This had to be for something related to New York State Route 27.

Image of Truck Routes in Lake City, Florida

A lot of the others are maps and newspaper articles I can no longer find, personal observations, and word of mouth from people ranging from DOT officials to people I know.

More to Come

Road projects I want to make[edit]

Unless somebody else does it before me, then I'd just as soon contribute to them

  • Farragut Parkway
  • Multi-State Road 121(Florida/Georgia/South Carolina)
  • Lists of specific Bannered U.S. Routes
  • Lake Shore Boulevard (Rochester)

Other stuff[edit]

User:DanTD/DanTD's Road-Related Projects/Unwritten State Road articles[edit]

Existing road articles to work on

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