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Firstly, if you have a desire to contact me for any reason whatsoever, feel free to leave a message for me on my user talk page. Alternatively, you may wish to email me.

Here's a tip for those who wish to help Wikipedia with their searches. Basically, two bookmarks/favourites which bring up Javascript boxes asking users for their search query. One brings up a list of results in Google, and the other jumps straight there. By dragging the images up to the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox, you can automatically access them whenever you want!

Currently, I am using a couple of scripts and CSS files running on Wikipedia. Here are the links: JS :: CSS. I strongly recommend the monobook.js file I use. It's an excellent piece of code which allows me to quickly do tasks on pages simply by hovering over the internal links.

So, a little about me... I've been at Wikipedia since 1st September 2005 (although I edited earlier, I felt my edits didn't constitute signing up for an account). My first edit (discussion on Godzilla) being my first foray. Interestingly enough, most of the topics I have on my watchlist and I have edited, are not particularly close to my heart. An example of this is felching. I just don't like to see this place vandalised, and as you can see, that page gets its fair share! I'm a strong believer in userboxes as can be seen at the right hand side.

A sandbox has been created to aid me in my creation of barnstars for users. I'll leave all the barnstars I create there. For a look see, go here. Also, feel free to browse my oft-bizarre contributions to Wikipedia (here)!

Out of all the 5,463,532 articles on Wikipedia, I probably stick to looking at a few hundred, and I only have a handful on my watchlist. My current contributions are still small (here) really so I'm not expecting any praise any time soon! ;)