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Coordinates: 59°31′25″N 18°36′33″E / 59.523736°N 18.609249°E / 59.523736; 18.609249

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During August I am busy correcting typos with AWB and JWB, on new pages and recent pages, as well as patrolling with Stiki and Huggle as well as reviewing new pages.

Enwiki Wikiprojects: Organizing and refreshing the meta:Wikiproject Genealogy project, adding to Wikiproject Zoo, and importing and translating articles about zoos from other languages.

Other projects: Updating articles with factbox, as well as patrolling on dawiki, and deleting files on Wikispecies.

Dan Koehl
id nr 5705
— Patroller  —
NameDan Albert John Koehl
BornStockholm, Sweden
Country Sweden
Current locationCambodia
LanguagesEnglish, German, Swedish
Time zoneUTC+07:00
Blood typeO−
Family and friends
Marital statussingle
Education and employment
OccupationTourist informer, Sea captain, Zookeeper, elephant trainer consultant, webprogrammer
EducationZookeeper (1976-1979)
High schoolEnskede Gård, Stockholm
UniversityStockholm University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
HobbiesBoating, genealogy

Biology, animals and Zoos, History, Archeology and Genealogy, travel, ships and boating. I am member in Swedish Naval Volunteers

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First edit2002-09-30
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DKoehl Irrawaddi Dolphin jumping.jpg
Jumping Irrawaddy dolphin pictured in Mekong river, Kratie, Cambodja, during my visit in 2011.

This editor is a
Vanguard Editor
and is entitled to display this
Editor Star

with the
Neutronium Superstar hologram.

I herebye confirm my COI in articles Airavata Elephant Foundation, Albert Köhl (grandfather), Dan Koehl (article about me), Edouard Dieffenbach (relative), Ljusterö , Kolmarden Zoo, Skansen, Swedish Wikipedia and Tiergarten Schönbrunn.

I am Dan Koehl, a Swedish man, 🐘 elephant lover and trainer, php-programmer and website developer. During summer 2002, I started to contribute to wikis like Meatball and Nupedia, and made my first edit September 29, 2002, 5:32 pm, to a Wikimedia project as not registered user with ip: on article sv:Medeltid on the Swedish Wikipedia and 2,5 hours later an edit on sv:Biologi as registered User:Koehl. (link to source with archived page for

The next day, 30 September 2002, I made my first edit on the English Wikipedia on my user page User:Koehl, and made my first article edit 11 October 2002 as User:Koehl on the article Proboscidea, which make me the 90th earliest user still 'active', and not the 106'th stated on this list..

During 2002, a Swedish Wiki community developed around a Swedish wiki, called, since the Swedish Wikipedia was more or less inactive. After an advertising banner was exposed on 21st November, I moved permanently to Wikipedia and brought a number of very active editors with me, in order to develop the svwiki. closed later, partly due to less traffic, after Swedish users started to use the Swedish Wikipedia more. I also made my first edit here 21st November 2002 as User:Dan Koehl with Wikipedia id nr 5705.

My main interests has since then been biology, taxonomy and animal related articles such as Zoos, freshwater aquarium fish species, as well as genealogy and ancestry for Middle Ages biograpies of knights, kings, Nobility and other medieval people. I founded Wikipedia:WikiProject Genealogy 9 December 2002‎, where I am now coordinator, and Im also coordinator for Wikiproject Zoo and try to maintain the Portal:Zoos and aquariums.

I have joined the Typo Team and I hunt typos with AWB, and adopted Sweeden, Scandanavia. I have also spent some time fighting vandalism with STiki and other anti-vandalism tools, and make reports to Administrator intervention against vandalism in case of persistent vandalism, Edit warring, and Requests for page protection. I also review new pages and tried to decrease New Pages Feed backlog and participated as AfC reviewer.

I also own and manage a couple of wikis and other websites on my own, already in 1995 I started my first website which has developed into the worlds largest elephant database, which has been used also a source for scientific research.


Im also active:


2015-2019 I was also a member of the Volunteer Response Team with rights on +All users, +info-da, +info-en (l), +info-no, +info-sv (f), +Wikispecies, +Wikivoyage, +Commons queues.


Swedish Wikipedia[edit]

After a commercial banner was exposed on, where I was one of the major contributors, the 20th November 2002, I moved over to Swedish Wikipedia, where I became one of its "Founding fathers". Although Jimmy Wales had mentioned advertisment on Wikipedia earlier in 2001, I trusted that Wikipedia would remain a non-profit organization, and I liked the Wikipedia:Five pillars.

Back in 2002 Swedish Wikipedia was still the perl interface UseMod at, I helped to translate the Perl script to PHP MediaWiki and became member nr 3 and the first sysop on Swedish Wikipedia, and I started to implement species factbox on the Swedish Wikipedia 15 December 2002, and since then I have been active submitting new species to the project, and updating existing.

I have created over 2000 articles since then with accounts Koehl, Dan Köhl and Dan Koehl.

21st of Januari 2017, I was blocked on the svwiki for one year, and this has been going on since the, see [1], Swedish Wikipedia blocking policy violation and Administrator abuse (2020), Swedish Wikipedia blocking policy violation and Administrator abuse (2017). Swedish Wikipedia has no dispute resolution, no third opinion assistance, no rules against harassment or outing. See also Talk:Swedish_Wikipedia...

Already in November 2002, I started a users democracy project on the svWiki, which I called The Thing. This was 4 years before anything similar on other Wikipedia sections, since (cite) Until the beginning of 2004, Jimbo Wales dealt with all serious disputes other than simple vandalism (straightforward vandals could be blocked by any administrator). He was also the only person with the authority to ban users. In December 2003 he delegated[1] that role in dispute handling to an Arbitration Committee, with initial membership of volunteer experienced users. Wales wrote in January 2000.

The Arbitration Committee [...] can impose a solution that I'll consider to be binding, with of course the exception that I reserve the right of executive clemency and indeed even to dissolve the whole thing if it turns out to be a disaster. But I regard that as unlikely, and I plan to do it about as often as the Queen of England dissolves Parliament against their wishes, i.e., basically never, but it is one last safety valve for our values.

(stop cite)

Unfortunately the Swedish Thing (where ALL users could state their opinion, and take part in a decissions process) was replaced by a local ARBcommitte in May 2005.

In April 2007, Wales confirmed that the Committee could overturn any decision he makes in his traditional capacity within Wikipedia.

And unfortunately the Swedish ARB was replaced by nothing in August 2008, and since then, as a Wikipedia user stated in January 2017, there is much more limited democracy on the Swedish Wikipedia than similar language projects.

Book burning (4).jpg

Dan Koehl has signed the Petition against Ignore All Rules abuse.

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Thank you for reviewing articles during the 2018 NPP New Year Backlog Drive. Always more to do, but thanks for participating. — Insertcleverphrasehere (or here) 05:16, 31 January 2018 (UTC)
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For stepping in to help mediate an edit war between two IP users. Your messages were an example of helpfulness, civility, and good faith, and rendered administrator intervention unnecessary. Efforts such as these really help to foster the collaborative environment that we strive for here, and for that, I award you the Barnstar of Diplomacy. Thanks, and keep up the good work! Swarm X 03:32, 24 March 2015 (UTC)
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this WikiAward was given to Dan Koehl by User:Ʋaaŋsieŋsaroeung (talk), 16 August 2014 (UTC)
Started articles on enwiki.
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2002 1 1
2003 3 3 6
2004 1 1
2005 1 1
2009 1 1
2014 3 2 1 35 41
2015 0
2016 4 4
2017 3 1 4
2018 1 1 4 7
Total 4 9 3 2 3 1 1 1 5 36 65

Articles per year[edit]

The records can be verified at


  1. Birger Nordholm


  1. Jumbo
  2. Victoria of Baden
  3. Abul-Abbas
  4. Canute II of Sweden
  5. Valdemar, King of Sweden
  6. Eric XI of Sweden


  1. Folkung


  1. Pantera foundation


  1. SS Orion


  1. Kampot Zoo
  2. Bayap Zoo
  3. Koh Kong Safari World
  4. Paul Matte
  5. Kolmarden Tropicarium
  6. Tiergarten Walding
  7. Alpenzoo Innsbruck
  8. Furuviksparken
  9. Frösö Zoo
  10. Ystad Djurpark
  11. Parken Zoo
  12. Lycksele Zoo
  13. Ölands Djur- och nöjespark
  14. Gutezoo
  15. Grönåsens Älgpark
  16. Junsele Djurpark
  17. Slottsskogens Djurpark
  18. Skandinavisk Dyrepark
  19. Tropicario
  20. Escurial Zoo and Flower Park
  21. Brno Zoo
  22. Děčín Zoo
  23. Grodno Zoo
  24. Planckendael Zoo
  25. Ostrava Zoo
  26. Liberec Zoo
  27. Plzeň Zoo
  28. Zlín-Lešná Zoo
  29. Jihlava Zoo
  30. Chleby Zoo
  31. Hodonín Zoo
  32. Herberstein Zoo
  33. Schmiding Zoo
  34. Lovech Zoo
  35. Varna Zoo
  36. Pleven Zoo
  37. Plovdiv Zoo
  38. Stara Zagora Zoo
  39. Chomutov Zoo
  40. Olomouc Zoo,
  41. Augsburg Zoo


  1. Réserve Africaine de Sigean
  2. Zoo de Cerza
  3. Zoo de Doué
  4. Zoo de la Flèche


  1. Dessau Zoo
  2. Kaiserslautern Zoo
  3. Cottbus Zoo
  4. Etelsen Tierpark


  1. Moälven (ship)
  2. Jonas Nordin
  3. Will Travers
  4. Ang Non II
  5. Norodom Ekcharin
  6. Outey II
  7. Norodom Yukanthor

(created articles, articles I created during the last 60 days)

Templates: 1.Template:Zoos_of_Cambodia, 2.Template:Zoos_of_Germany, 3.Template:Zoos of Czech Republic, 4.Template:Zoos of Belarus‎, 5.Template:Zoos of Belgium, 6.Template:Zoos of Bulgaria, 7. Template:User Swedish Wikipedians in exile

Planned articles on enwiki.

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| location         = [[x]], [[Germany]]
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| members          = [[European Association of Zoos and Aquaria|EAZA]],<ref name="eaza_list"/> [[World Association of Zoos and Aquariums|WAZA]]<ref name="waza_list"/>
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The '''{{subst:PAGENAME}}''' ({{lang-de|german name}}) is a [[zoo]] in [[x]], [[Germany]].

The Zoo was founded in , and covers {{Convert|0|ha|acre|1}}.

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* [[List of zoos in Germany]]

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 |title=EAZA Member Zoos & Aquariums
 |publisher=European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
 |accessdate=5 September 2010
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 {{Cite web|url=
 |title=Zoos and Aquariums of the World
 |accessdate=5 September 2010

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Wikipedia should be NPOV and not POV push for a antropogene global warming (AGW) in relevant articles. I believe it is important to inform about strong opinons and agendas on Wikipedia. My two agendas are, that apart from that the earth has repeatedly changed climat during its entire existing, the heavily marketing regarding the global warming during the eighties, has no origin in human activities at all, and since 18 years there has been no global warming at all, in spite of the highest levels of C02, why I regard the C02-theory debunked. I never actually saw the C02-theory a result of scientist, but merely a political manipulation by a few, like IPCC, of the public.

Vikings were, and is, only the oldenglish word for pirats and nothing more[edit]

I have an agenda: As a scandinavian, I object to that all my Scandinavian ancestors, although belonging to "Norseman" and "Northmen" during the Viking Age, are on the english wikipedia described as vikings, when most probably 99% of Northmen were not, and reliable sources claim that at least most Swedes were defending their country against vikings..

I strongly believe that he word, and the article Viking should reflect the historical persons who were really vikings, and not my forefathers. Its time that also in the english language, the word Viking gets a modern definition, and not belong in the same box as Nigger, Nazi, and other terms that people has used uncorrectly for groups of people. I am a scandinavian, and so were my Northmen ancestors in Scandinavia between 800 and 1066. Most probably, only a very few percent of those Norse people were actually vikings, and its very wrong to refer to them as such, just becasue its fun, or "we did like that a long time" (less than 50 years) etc.

I want biased POV articles like Viking to become NPOV; so that you can read about true, documented Vikings, on the page about vikings, and not read myths, fantasies, or a lot of stuff that refer to norse people in general. Now the article Norseman is even redirected to viking article, which is not correct: Viking is an oldenglish word that means pirat, and the latin word piratae is directly translated to viking in numerous documents, during medevial time. I argue that the article Viking, should supply information about vikings and not about a late misinterpreted ideas about who Vikings were, or any fantasies people may have. I object to that article viking expands the original meaning, including more or less every Norseman during viking time; (people of north Germanic descent, people of the Norse culture, scandinavians, scandinavian kings, tradesmen, settlers, founder of cities, explorers of America), since viking has only one meaning: it means pirat. A pirat can be from just anywhere. And a Norseman, or scandinavian person during medevial time who didnt perform piracy should not be refered to as a viking.

1. Vikings, as any pirate, could origin from anywhere: The first documented use of the word viking is made by Orosius, written in latin, and translated into old english. There is to read about Alexander the Great´s father, Philip II of Macedonia: Philippus vero post longam obsidionem, ut pecuniam quam obsidendo exhauserat, praedando repararet, piraticam adgressus est. translated into: ac he scipa gegaderade, and i vicingas wurdon. In this time the word pirat was not used in the english language, the latin piraticam was directly translated to vicingus.

2.Vikings, as any pirate, can not be labelled as tradesmen, (or any civil profession) because tradesmen doesnt perform piracy: Egil Skallagrimsson: Björn var farmaður mikill, var stundum í víking, en stundum í kaupferðum; Björn var hinn gervilegasti maður. (english: Björn was a great traveller; sometimes as viking, sometimes as tradesman.)

3. Vikings, as any pirate, can never be used as a label for someone who is not viking, like a scandinavian who defend his land against viking raids, or a king who chases away vikings from his land: Harald I of Norway At last, Harald was forced to make an expedition to the West, to clear the islands and the Scottish mainland of some Vikings who tried to hide there.. (the original text says in english translation:

King Harald heard that the vikings, who were in the West sea in winter, plundered far and wide in the middle part of Norway; and therefore every summer he made an expedition to search the isles and out-skerries (1) on the coast. Wheresoever the vikings heard of him they all took to flight, and most of them out into the open ocean. At last the king grew weary of this work, and therefore one summer he sailed with his fleet right out into the West sea. First he came to Hjaltland (Shetland), and he slew all the vikings who could not save themselves by flight. Then King Harald sailed southwards, to the Orkney Islands, and cleared them all of vikings. Thereafter he proceeded to the Sudreys (Hebrides), plundered there, and slew many vikings who formerly had had men-at-arms under them.

-King Harald would never agree that he was a viking-king, he was, like probably 99% of scandinavians were, fighting vikings.

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