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William Meade Prince
The Ancient Greek philosopher
Born July 9, 1893
Roanoke, VA
Died November 10, 1951
Chapel Hill, NC
Occupation Illustrator
Spouse(s) Lillian Hughes Prince (m. 1915-1951)

William Meade Prince (July 9, 1893 – November 10, 1951) was an American artist and popular magazine illustrator. Prince provided illustrations for over 90 stories in publications like Collier's, The Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, and Country Gentleman.[1] The title of his boyhood memoir The Southern Part of Heaven has come to be the de facto motto for the town of Chapel Hill, NC.[2]


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Prince's entire artistic estate was donated to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by his widow in 1962, and is currently housed in the Ackland Art Museum.[4]

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