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About 鄧文迪[edit]

My name Wendi is the Chinese for "Cultural Revolution". It’s very easy to remember: wendi-dandy, dandy-wendi (wendy-brandy etc.). Who said that the Chinese language was utterly difficult? --Dandy Wendi (talk) 18:20, 17 June 2013 (UTC)


Well, if every wacko has been giving himself an award and giving awards to other wackos, Why not me?? So, here's my award (Good idea Multilingual Parizod, now I feel proud of myself).

Original Barnstar.png The Not Stupid Award
This medal is awarded to Myself for knowing how to prove that many parizod(a)s are greater than one.
You know one of the simplest proofs in the world! Great job!

To give yourself this medal just copy and paste this string
{{User:Java7837/userboxing/notstupidaward|YourUserNameGoesHere}} onto your user page. (Cited from Omar1976)

P.S. Wendi' cookies: If you know a foreign language into which Wendi Deng is not yet translated, start a stub - and I will give you a cookie. (Cited from CopperKettle)

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