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Danesaw is a pseudonym used by the open source programmer Dane Henshall. He is currently a part of three open source projects,

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KontrolPack - for when the time is right[edit]

KontrolPack is an open source application published under the terms of the GNU General Public License GNU GPL It allows the user to connect to other instances of KontrolPack over a network and run shell commands independent of the operating system. The project uses its Sourceforge SVN repository to store the source code, with an independent web page for information and promotion.


The goal of the KontrolPack project is to improve system interoperability between an arbitrary number of computers regardless of their operating system. Currently, it can be used for remote shell execution, file access and sharing, network visualisation, and has a couple other features. It makes use of the QT framework for its GUI, and all communications are encoded in XML messages.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Various GNU/Linux distrobutions (including Ubuntu, Fedora, and Gentoo Linux)

Gentoo Linux[edit]

KontrolPack was recently integrated into the qting-edge overlay of the Gentoo distribution. The following commands will install it from the command line:

layman -a qting-edge
emerge kontrolpack


The project started in 2007 and was initially developed with a C client and a Java server. In early 2009, the entire application (server and client) was rewritten from scratch in C++ using the Qt4 framework.