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Templates and categories[edit]



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SQL queries[edit]

Images made obsolete by a PNG version but still used in articles[edit]

Wikipedia images available as SVG but still used in articles[edit]

Section for quotation mark replacement testing[edit]

  • 'a'
  • 'aa'
  • 'aaa'
  • 'aaaa'
  • 'aaaaa'
  • ‘scare’
  • 'weird quote'
  • “curly”
  • ″weird curly″

False Positives

  • article
  • the and a/an
  • hallucination, hilarious, historic(al), horrendous, and horrific
  • an over a

Selecting the wrong part

  • 'An' and 'a'
  • 'one' (compare 'on', in Saxon dialects)